Sunshine, On the Window, Makes Me Happy...

Last week I was nominated by the ever delightful Kirsty from My Home Truths for the Sunshine Award.

Of course, after reading Kelly HTandT's post on Wednesday, I then remembered I had been bestowed the Sunshine Award. Why did her post remind of my award? Because the first thing that popped in to my head was of course the lyrcis to that classic Spiderbait song, referenced in the title of this blog post.

Now to be honest, I am running out of tagging mojo for these things. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of awesome blogs and bloggers that deserve this award, that I love and enjoy, and I love to spread the love, but sometimes its just exhausting trying to choose only 10 people who haven't yet recieved this award and then getting around to notifying them all. I always forget to notify them!

So instead, I am nominating everyone who reads my blog! Yes that's right, I am bucking the rules* that say 10 people and I want you all to know that you are MY sunshine! Your lovely blogs, your comments, nods of agreeance, support and love are what make blogging truly worth it and not just an exercise in brain explosions, and for that I am ever grateful. You all deserve this award so consider this your nomination!

If you want to answer the 10 questions about yourself and nominate 10 other people, then please do. If you just want to answer the 10 questions and not nominate others, feel free too. If you just want to bask in the glorious feeling of being bestowed an award by yours truly, then please. Go right ahead. As I said, I am bucking the rules* people! Living on the edge!

So, on to the 9 questions...

1. Favourite Time of the Year?
If you asked me this 10 years ago I definitely would have said summer and Christmas. But as I get older I am leaning more and more towards liking the cooler months of the year, so I would say my fave time would be Spring. It's like the cereal. Just right.

2. Favourite Festive movie?
Would have to be National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, closely followed by Bridget Jones' Diary. One day I dream of having a house covered in lights like the Griswalds. One day. When I can drug Dave enough to help me put up and take down the lights, but not so much that he is rendered incapable of actually giving that help!

3. What is your Passion?
I seriously have a ridiculous amount of passions. Photography is probably my biggest passion. I got the shutter-bug from a very young age and it has stuck with me. My other big passion is books and reading. My entire life I have been surrounded by books, my entire working life has been with books. I just can't get enough of them, not just to read, but as physical objects in and of themselves.

4. Favourite Colour?
This quite often changes with my mood. One day it might be pink, the next day yellow, then green then blue then back to pink and followed by purple.

5. Favourite time of the Day?
Bedtime. Punky's, not mine. And not just the time after she is in bed, I love hanging out with her in her room before bed. That is definitely my favourite time of the day, just chilling together.
Best part of my day is chilling with this girl before bedtime
6. Favourite Flower?
White roses. I have always loved them. And then probably azaleas. But don't tell Mum! I've given her so much shit for having so may azaleas!

7. Favourite Non-Alcoholic Beverage?
Chocolate Milk. Or coke. Or a really nice fruity mocktail with pineapple undertones.

8. Favourite Physical Activity?
Swimming. I was and still am a total water baby but I don't get to do it anywhere near as much as I want.
LOVED New York. And this is one of my most favourite photos that I took of New York, taken from the top of an open double-decker bus while it was moving! One day we WILL go back!
9. Favourite Vacation?
Our trip to New York, closely followed by our honeymoon to Fiji. New York was just the most amazing place, I loved every single minute of the 2 weeks we spent there and I wish we had spent the entire 5 weeks that we were in the States in New York. Well ok, maybe only 4 of the 5, because I wouldn't have wanted to miss Niagara Falls or Hawaii either. Fiji was the most fancy holiday I've ever been on. 5 star island resort, the absolute definition of a tropical holiday spent swimming, snorkelling, lazing, eating amazing fresh food and drinking cocktails.

So there you have it my lovelies! My contribution to the Sunshine Award.

I am now off to finish watching the last episode or two of Band of Brothers with Dave. The other week we spent over half an hour in JB Hifi looking for it on DVD, they told us there were two copies on the store yet nobody could find it and there were 4 of us looking. We then went to dinner up at the in-laws on Sunday night and what do you know? Dave's brother has it.

So we've been watching Band of Brothers, and I think when we go up again on Sunday we might borrow Game of Thrones and start watching that. Because we have yet again run out of things to watch and are suffering slight withdrawals from the fact that The Walking Dead won't be back on our screen till at least February! Any suggestions for other shows we can watch in the meantime?
Dave and I in Fiji on our honeymoon. We stayed at Royal Davui and it was amazing! One day we WILL go back.

As always I am linking this up for that fabulous Friday blog flog, hosted by the wonderful Grace at With Some Grace, Flog Yo Blog Friday. I'm tellin' ya, if you haven't before you should totally get flogged!

*For those that are interested, here are the rules of the Sunshine Award...
The Sunshine Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. The recipients of the Sunshine Award are: “Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere”. The way the award works is this: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. Answer questions about yourself. Select 10 of your favourite bloggers, link their blogs to your post and let them know they have been awarded the Sunshine Award!


1) summer; 2) baking??; 3) yellow today; 4)bedtime; 5)peonies; 6) coke zero; 8) running; 9) Europe
So fun breaking the rules sometimes :)
Unknown said…
1)summer 2) Love actually movie 3) reading 4)blue 5)cuddles in the morning in bed with the whole family 6)white lilys 7)chocolate milkshakes 8) swimming or bike riding 9)Our trip to LA, Las Vagas, San Fransciso & NY
Ai Sakura said…
1. winter 2. Love Actually (yes me too!) 3. fashion and reading 4. usually red or pink haha 5. night-time. 6. red roses 7. chocolate milk-shake or matcha 8. rock-climbing 9. europe

we are having a movie marathon on LOTR now haha. do you like Korean dramas? those are interesting!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Bachelormum said…
I loooove NYC too. The first time i went my daughter was one year's old - she came of course - and i wondered why the heck didn't i go prebaby - i'd been to boston but not ny.

I'd love to take u up on your sunshine but i just don't have time - it's not why i blog really - i have this urge to express things that come up in my life - it's a way of downloading, making sense of my world etc. and answering questions about myself just feels a little weird for me. But it's been lovely to read about who you are. Your little one is just lovely.
Catherine Rodie said…
Love the idea of tagging everyone!
Here are my answers.
1) Autumn
2) Bridget Jones
3) Writing
4) Blue
5) Before I had kids it was dusk, perfect time to enjoy a beer. Now it's the hour of quiet time I get in the morning before the girls wake up.
6) Daffodils
7) Soda water with fresh lime
8) Sex
9) The round the world that brought me to Sydney!
1. Spring or autumn
2. Love Actually
3. I love to read and is it really shallow of me to say fashion and beauty?!
4. At the moment navy blue, orange and acid yellow
5. Right after Boyo's gone to bed and the Welshman and I have a chat in the kitchen together.
6. Blue Moon roses and gardenias
7. Darjeeling tea. Pineapple, mint and ginger freshly squeezed juice.
8. Definitely bonking.
9. Our honeymoon in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Anonymous said…
1. Spring
2. Love Actually
3. Writing
4. Rose pink
5. Evenings and dawn
6. Peonies
7. Coffee
8. Running
9. A wedding in San Francisco and three weeks in Spain
Jo said…
Ok here goes..
1) Early Autumn when the water is still warm and the weather nice.
2) High Fidelity followed by Hero (not very festive)
3) at the moment my work but I'll go back to art when I have a chance
4) red, too easy
5) time depends on who I'm with and where I am - relaxing with my guy at dusk, with kids morning
6) magnolias on trees (hate that movie) red roses in vases
7) ginger beer (non alco)
8) dancing
9) Japan
10) is this a trick question? Mangoes

Thanks for my award - "You like me, you really like" to quote Sally Field's Academy award speech!
Because I'm a big cop out, I'll nominate my blog roll. So there back at you with your own award - it's a Sunshine loop.
Unknown said…
This is a great idea. I have had a few awards that I haven't responded to, but I find I don't get much time to write, so I usually opt for writing the stories that are waiting to get out.
Kel said…
What a cop out! lol
I have a lengthy award post in the making. But it is exhausting. Sigh.
Great post. Found you over at FYBF. I actually love memes like this - love getting to know little tidbits about another blogger.

I'm a book lover too. And by lover I mean fanatic. It's a little ridiculous, and I can't even bring myself to care. Some people drink. Some people shop. Some people smoke. I read. I buy books. It's my thing. :)
Forgot to say - your wedding photo - it's amazing. So beautiful. It kind of jumped out at me when I first came to your page.
Here are my answers.
1) Spring
2) Any Christmas movies
3) Cooking ....eating more like it
4) Blue & now Pink because it makes me feel feminine again.
5) My Boys bedtime [well reading with them first ;)]
6) Roses
7) Soda water with lemon [cold] & Hot cup of tea
8) Walking
9) Roadtrip to Western Australia for 10 wks
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your award! So well deserved! I loved reading your answers! We have the same favourite festive movie! You can see all my answers here:
Anonymous said…
Can you take me to Fiji? Thanks.
Tracey said…
Oh crap! you just reminded me that I completely forgot to notify the people that I awarded the Liebster Award to! Bugger! I'll have to go and do that this instant!
My passion is now becoming photography too! I've always enjoyed it, but it's starting to become what I think about all the time :)
PS Thanks for tagging me too. I'll be posting about it shortly xx
Rhianna said…
Great answers lovely nice to get to know you a bit mor. You dare devil rule breaker you :)
Unknown said…
Great idea! I feel really grateful if ever I get nominated for a blog award but I rarely carry them on too but this is awesome. Here are my answers:

1. Early Autumn - when the leaves are changing colour and the heat comes out of the sun but the ocean is warm.

2. I don't have an all time favourite festive movie but I have enjoyed watching Elf over the last couple of Christmases.

3. I have a lot of passions too. I love the Web and technology and all it has to offer. I am passionate about politics although I'm so over this corrupt government that I can't stand to read about it any more. I am passionate in psychology and understanding myself and the people around me. And most of all I am passionate about my family.

4. Red has been my favourite colour since I was in my 20s. Before that it was purple.

5. Favourite time of day is early morning. If I can get up before everyone else and enjoy the morning peace. There's so much potential to be had from that point on.

6. Freesias are my favourite flowers because they are so colourful and smell so good.

7. This one is easy: Diet Coke

8. Sex! By far the best physical activity ever.

9. Although I love NYC (it was where I was born and I've only holidayed there twice since leaving when I was 2 years old) the best vacation I've ever been on was a two week holiday with my parents around England, Ireland and Wales. I'd only been living in London for about 8 months and my parents came over to stay with me. We hired a car and the three of us just drove. I had a loose plan of where to go but we had no accommodation booked and we winged it every night with a new place to stay. Pre smart phones and the proliferation of sat navs I directed dad with a proper paper map. It was the best time I've ever had with my parents. I'll never forget it.
Unknown said…
Look how massive my comment was! I might as well have done a blog post with that! lol

Babbling Bandit alright!
Anonymous said…
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