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Monday, 27 July 2009

Recipe for a Perfect Day

Blog This: Challenge 10 -
Challenge 10 at Blog This is to list the ingredients for your perfect day.
What's your surefire receipe for a wonderful day?
I've been a bit slack the last two weeks and haven't had a lot of time to blog, and in particular to participate in the Blog This challenges, which is really dissapointing, as I really wanted to do last weeks but just didn't have enough time to get out and take some pics (I liked this challenge so much though, that I WILL do it at a later date, in my own time, so watch this space!)

My perfect day, any day is a day where I can spend the whole day with my hubby doing nothing but lounging around and eating good food.

But my PEREFCT day? My perfect day would have to be one of the days of my honeymoon...

So, here's the recipe for my PERFECT day -

Take one gorgeous new husband...

(He'll probably kill me for posting this! But he looks so cute!)
Add a tropical island in Fiji called Royal Davui... Early morning start... packed picnic breakfast...
...lots of sunscreen...
...a fast boat, and, our own private sandbar...

(These photos taken from the Royal Davui Website)
Mix in some snorkelling, swimming and shark-spotting, then simmer until the tide creeps in and reclaims the sand once more for it's own.

Add in some more snorkelling, kayaking and sun-baking to taste, and don't forget the love. Be very very liberal with the eye-gazing, hand-holding and cuddles.

Throw in a pinch of good food...

Finish off with a good night's sleep...
(and maybe some hot love-chilli if you like your PERFECT day with a bit of spice!)
...and there you have the recipe for the PERFECT day!
Thanks Blog This for finally giving me a chance to showcase a few Fiji photos!


  1. sounds fantastic!
    (hope you are still alive. did hubby object to the pic? :) )

  2. It certainly was! Na, he was ok, but I think he wants photo approval rights before posting from now on...LOL!

  3. lol i would want pic approval if i was him! made me laugh though. so tell him was totally worth it!

    lovely perfect day xx

  4. Oh it looks so perfect and warm and relaxing! thanks for the laugh this morning!

  5. Ooh I have a way worse one than that of my hubby on our honeymoon!!! Maybe the next blog this challenge should be something to do with funny hubby photos!

  6. It sounds like your honeymoon was prefect!


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