It's the Little Things

Today Punky is 9 months old.

These last 9 months have gone by in what feels like a blur. I know time has passed, but my comprehension of it passing has changed so much since she was born.

Before Punky was born time went in slow motion. Sure it was getting faster each year, but compared to how fast time has gone since November last year? Slow motion! Those 9 months of pregnancy, they felt like the slowest 9 months of my life. And now it's been another 9 months and I can hardly believe it.

I've said it a number of times but it's really not fair how time just drags on while you're pregnant, but then the minute bubs is born, BAM! Warp-speed.

When I think back over the last 9 months it's the little things I remember.

Those windy first smiles. How both her tiny feet fit in one of my hands. The squeaky dinosaur noises she made in her sleep. How changing her nappy was so easy because she wasn't constantly squirming and trying to reach out for something. How she would just close her eyes and sleep anywhere. Sitting on the lounge just about all day, basking in the newborn smell and freshness of this little life that we'd created and not feeling any need to be anywhere or do anything other than just stare at her.

As time goes on those first few months are becoming a distant memory, memories I'll carry with me forever, of a time that I strangely miss, the hard bits and all.

Today I am so thankful to have all those little moments and memories, moments and memories that others sadly miss out on. Dave and I are so immensely lucky and blessed to have our little munchkin Punky and I can't imagine life without her now.

Oh, and I'm also thankful for my new iPhone. My other baby.

What are you thankful for today?

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Rhianna said…
Awe what beautiful things to be thankful for. I love those few few months of a new baby where all you want to do is sit and stare.

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses
Unknown said…
She's so cute, I love that photo!
Aww, what a little cutie :)
Kel said…
I know, those beautiful first few months, what a think to be thankful for.
I'm always afraid I'm forgetting them x
Emma said…
Ditto to everything! (except my baby is only three months, so we haven't notched up quite so many memories). Time is definitely whizzing by. What a little beauty Mia is, too!
YellowDandy said…
YES! It is really amazing how fast it all flies by, start planning her birthday it will sneak up on you!! I miss the early days too, the endless cuddles and when they fall asleep on you, so precious!
Helen said…
I love how you put this... I have a nearly 10 month old, and I can't believe we're already here after a very long 9 month pregnancy.

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