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Balance. It's a tricky thing to find sometimes.

Right now, as I type this, my house is a mess. Again. I feel like I spend 3 quarters of my life cleaning up other people's messes. No sooner have I picked up all the toys and vacuumed all the crumbs then I find myself starting the job all over again.

Kids. Why do they have to be so messy?!

There's also the fact that I feel like I haven't had nearly enough time to spend with them just playing and hanging out. I'm always cleaning or sitting at the computer reading photography articles and editing photos. And when I do spend time with them I seem to always be sticking a camera in their face! They are my only real models though, and it's so much fun to try out new techniques that I've learnt on them. I'm pretty sure they are either going to turn out to be photographers themselves or be ridiculously camera shy!

My Tafe work has kicked up another gear this week, and I am quietly freaking out about getting my assessments done in time. We need to create 4 images for one assignment alone, and while it's not a hard assignment, what is hard is getting the time to do it. The images have to be created during class. In theory, there should be plenty of time to do this. The thing is, our instructor really likes to talk.

The talking is awesome. He has such a great way of explaining complex things that make them seem understandable and doable. But it does eat in to our practical time. I've been trying to do some extra reading this week so that when it comes time to start shooting I'm not having to think too hard about the technical side of what I'm doing and be able to smash out my images.

Friends. I miss my friends.

It feels like an age ago that I got to hang out with them, when in reality it was less than a month ago. Still, in a perfect world I'd get to catch up with them every couple of weeks rather than once a month or less. Time spent with friends is time spent relaxing. No matter what we are doing. When I spend time with my friends I feel refreshed, I feel more able to cope with the demands of the house and the girls after a little time-out for adult conversation.

Family. Without family I have nothing.

I'm so lucky to have a family that I'm close to. Both my side and Dave's side. I couldn't live without them. We have weekly dinners at Mum's, and almost weekly dinners with Dave's family (it's a little harder to get us all together with half of the family doing shift work). There are so many things I want to do with them. They are my first port of call in any and all storms.

I've got a million ideas rushing through my brain for my sister's upcoming baby shower. Oh, did I forget to mention I'm going to be an Aunty? Yeah, I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNTY!!!!! Can you tell I'm more than a little excited about that! My first turn as an Aunty. And as such, all I want to do is compile page after page of information for my sister to read, and spend hours upon hours on Pinterest researching ideas for baby showers. I've had to give myself a serious talking to so as not to go completely off the deep end and overwhelm my sister & brother-in-law with too much information, and dedicate time to doing Tafe work rather than baby shower work.

Money. I still haven't found that damn Money Tree!

We live on a fairly strict budget around these parts now that we are on one wage. It means that certain sacrifices have to be made. Sacrifices that I don't mind making, but it makes it so hard when there are things that I really wanna do. Like go to Problogger conference in August. I missed out last year, and the year before I made the choice to go to the Digital Parents conference instead. This year I would really, really love to finally get to Problogger, but when you put together the cost of the ticket and accommodation and other expenses it starts to add up. And unless I can find myself some paid blogging jobs between now and August, I would feel really bad re-jigging the budget to find the money for something that will only benefit me and not the entire family.

So many things, so many balls to juggle. There is a fine line between balancing it all and completely losing the plot. Some days it feels like I'm only just keeping my head above water. And I'm pretty sure that there are at least 5 more metaphors I could manage to mix in to this mess of words from my brain!

I can't even write straight at the moment!

Do you struggle to find balance?

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HandbagMafia said…
I wanted to go to problogger too- but just way out of my price range and with no intention to monetise my blog I can't really justify it. I hope you find your balance soon- it's something I always struggle with!
That elusive tree... I'm so fortunate the event is here as doubt I could afford it either. Maybe ask some of your former sponsors! Balance, it's a myth, trust me. Life is a juggling act!
Kirsty @ My Home Truths said…
Balance - what is that again???? Good luck with your course - sounds like you are learning lots and more importantly already putting it into practice. Go you!
Elisha Ross said…
The story of my life! Thank goodness for good family and friends….and shitloads of crumbs on the carpet. (today its play dough here) Sorry to say, but I am comforted in the fact that you too will be missing out on Pro Blogger. Im shattered I can't go. Though I am loving your photographing/ photography adventures and have been tuning in big time. Im enjoying your blog all round actually. Its great. We shall keep riding the wave as they all gets easier and better…Hopefully with lots of yummy pina coladas and expensive/ free wine to drink at the end..
Oh darling heart, you are juggling all zee balls. Soooo much on your plate. I really hope you can find time to breathe in amongst it all. I am not one to offer advice on balance, I am the worst when it comes to overloading and not being fair on myself and I'm not even doing anything exciting like photography at Tafe! The guilts about the house work and lack of time to play can be crippling so perhaps just do what you can and learn to let it go. Glad to hear you have family support around you. That will surely get your through xx
I am severely struggling with balance in 2015! My main plan is to break it up with nights away.
Fleur @ Our Urban Box said…
I don't think anyone can find the perfect balance. Since starting my blog 8 months ago, all I want to do is blog, learn, blog and repeat. But I also work part time an have a young family so something gives. And unfortunately its time with my hubby. He watches TV alone while I sit at the computer and dive into my new found love. And I am hearing you about problogger. I would love to go and will find a way! x
I understand your worries. It is hard to keep all the balls in the air. Last year after some health issues and the pressures of work and family I dropped all the balls. This year I have taken time off work to get myself well and find some balance, but now the stress of money! Some days we need to drop some balls and just be ok with it.
You bet I do. Being in business for myself, it's either feast or famine. Actually I tell a lie, it's either busy or crazy busy!!!! Which is good for business but not so good for balance! And even though my kids are grown, they are still my priority. Like when Miss 18 wanted to take me out for coffee on Monday afternoon - how could I say no (esp now she's moved into her own place)?!

Visiting today from #teamIBOT x
EssentiallyJess said…
I'm hearing you on all this Kylie!
We are doing the money dance atm, and it's exhausting. Plus finding my groove with TAFE is also interesting. I am loving it, but like you, my house feels messy all the time, and when the kids are home, I'm just busy. I need to get a better balance somewhere but it's hard!
Malinda said…
some days are just rinse and repeat. But the golden moments make it all ok. Hang int here, you are doing an awesome job of juggling everything on your plate right now.
Yes I do and so much of what you've said above is familiar to me. I feel like I'm living the same daily struggles as you. Never enough time, too much to do, why are kids so messy? I hope you can find plenty of sponsors to afford that trip!!!
Hugzilla said…
Touch wood, I am pretty good at balance. I don't tend to over-commit myself with activities and responsibilities but I do have a hard time trying to fit kids/work/blog and everything else in at times. Like tonight. All I want to do is sit and binge-watch the box set of Game of Thrones 4 but I have to get dinner done, baths sorted, kids in bed and then a few hours of freelance work before I can even think about undoing that top button and letting it all hang out. Maybe in my next life. LOL.
Maxabella said…
There's no such thing... I work on an "integration" kind of system instead. I gave up on balance years ago because I realised that it wasn't 'balance' that I lacked, just perspective. There's no point 'balancing' a workload that is far too big in the first place. So, at the start of every single week I make a "NOT DOING" list, rather than a "TO DOING" list - a list of the things that I'm going to give myself permission to ignore for the week. Might be housework, might be some deadlines, might be my husbie, but whatever it is, I'm okay with ignoring it all week long. It can go back on the list next week and something else can get dropped instead. x

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