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Friday, 22 August 2014

Linky Lovin' Friday {22nd August 2014}

It's been a busy week here in the Purtell household, filled with lots of meltdowns (Punky) and temper tantrums (me!). I also got to photograph the sweetest little bundle of joy and her adoring big sister and parents and it's reaffirmed something I've been thinking for some time... that family photography is something I love and am passionate about, and I want to do more of it.

I'm going to make it a priority for the rest of this year (along with finally finishing my design fundamentals course and learning to run far & fast) and focus my efforts on learning as much as I can and getting in as much practice as possible. How I am going to fit it all in is another question entirely, but when it's something I love, I just have to make it work, you know? If you've got any great time-management tips or resources that work really well for you, I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

But now, on to what I've been reading this week and what's caught my eye...

The Thermomix Epidemic: How to Protect Yourself by Melissa at Hugzilla
Over the last twelve months there has been a global outbreak of a devastating virus, an outbreak which is now reaching epidemic proportions. It’s called Thermomix, and it’s coming to a living room near you.
I don't think Melissa realized just how much of a stir this hilarious little post was going to make when she wrote it. It's a very well-written, tongue-in-cheek jab at the Thermomix epidemic and what you can do to protect yourself. What's more, it's become a lesson in what happens when a post goes viral, and you can read Melissa's take on the craziness that happens when you're the author of a crazy, viral post. Part one is here, and you can read part two here. Highly recommended!
I Quit Liking things on Facebook for Two Weeks
The first thing I noticed was how difficult it was to not like things on Facebook. As I scrolled through updates, my finger instinctively gravitated towards the Like button on hundreds of posts and comments. It has become a gut-level, Pavlovian response. I saw updates I liked or wanted others to know I liked, and I found myself almost unconsciously clicking my approval.
This was a really interesting post about a woman who decided to stop liking everything on Facebook for two weeks. I was intrigued to hear how it changed her Facebook feed and it's made me think seriously about trying the same thing for a couple of weeks too. I'm not sure I would be able to do it, but it would totally be worth a try. On the flipside, this guy did the total opposite and Liked everything he saw on Facebook for 2 days. He had intended to do it for longer, but when you read about what happened once he started, you can see why he couldn't do it for longer. These two posts have really made me think about my Facebook Like activity and I'd love to know what you think about it.
Hair Removal Hiatus by Handbag Mafia

Her point of view really appeals to me. Is it so wrong to refuse to conform to the expectations of a patriarchal society when it comes to my underarms? Does it matter that some people won’t like how my legs look? Why should the porn industry or current trends dictate what level of grooming takes place in my knickers?  Isn’t it more important to accept my body and be comfortable with it?

One of the lovely commenters on last week's Linky Lovin' Friday post left me a link to this post she'd written about hair removal. It explores the way we women remove hair and why, and it's a really interesting piece. Again, it made me think about my feelings toward hair removal and wonder if I've been more socially conditioned than I realised.
Body after Baby by Fat Mum Slim
I know from experience that change doesn’t come from hate, or from regurgitating nastiness on a daily basis. Change comes from love. 
I read this post by Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim and I could relate to every single word. I've struggled with my body for a long time, especially since having babies. Some days it's a real struggle to appreciate the things my body has done, and continues to do for me, but like Chantelle, I've slowly started to realise that change won't happen from self-flagellating, negative thoughts.

So there you have it, this weeks top picks from what I've been reading. Have you read anything good this week? Care to share?

P.S. Don't forget, Share the Love Sunday is on again this weekend from 2pm over on my Facebook page. Make sure you stop by and get in on a little group love action!


  1. Thank you for this really interesting list Kylie (I love Melissa, she's hysterical)! I completely switched off from the internet for the past couple of weeks so I'm going to catch up on some reading this weekend, starting with these x

  2. That's a varied reading selection Kylie! I've been MIA lately and I'm catching up on everything. The FB article is interesting isn't it? Good on you for getting back into your photography, hun xx

  3. Looks like some great reads there. I haven't read any of them yet. Better get cracking. Lovely to hear you've realised your passion for photography too. You're just a tad good at it :)

  4. Kylie you will ba great Family photographer. I love the photos you take. I have to say I have a Thermo and I loved the post by Melissa. Think some people need to look at the lighter side of life a bit.

  5. Thanks for sharing my post! I read that FB one earlier and thought it was both fascinating and hilarious. Looking forward to checking out the others.

  6. Great round up lovely. I look forward to your Friday linky. I also hung off every word of Chantelle's post. It's not an easy thing to learn to love your body :) xxx

  7. The one about not liking things has come up a few times in my FB feed but I have resisted clicking. I am definitely going to check out the hair removal one though. I haven't been to your blog for a little while (I mostly just catch you on FB) but I must rectify that! It looks great and you are doing some very cool stuff :)

  8. These three were definitely some of my favourites! Talk about the thermomix saga of the year right?

  9. Great picks! Love how those Thermomix posts went viral! LOL!

  10. Wow. Just caught up on the Thermo-gate scandal! Great shares.

  11. Those thermomix posts were absolutely hilarious especially since I have avoided catching the virus thus far. I am off to check out the other links now. Great finds yet again chick xx


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