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Share the love Sunday

What the what is this Share the love Sunday all about I hear you ask?

It's all about sharing the love with your fellow blogging peeps on Facebook, that's what!

We all know that FB can be a little sucky, and it's hard to reach our fans and engage with the people we love and the ones who love us.

So Share the love Sunday is all about helping each other out by liking, visiting, commenting and sharing.

Every second Sunday I'll be calling for bloggers everywhere to tag their page so that I can use my personal profile to comment, comment, comment and share, share, share! I'm only one person and I can't guarantee to increase your reach and engagement, but I'm gonna damn-well try!

And because I know you're all such lovely-lovelies, all I ask in return is that you visit one other blogger who has shared their page and show 'em a little love.

If you can share the callout image on your own page once it goes live at 2pm it would be hugely appreciated. That way we can get the word out to other bloggers who are looking to get in on a little group-love action too!

If you're unsure about what to do please don't hesitate to get in touch with me via email to kylie(@)kyliepurtell(.)com or contact me directly on my Facebook page here.


  1. Such an awesome idea! I have even added it to my calendar so I remember to do this every week.

  2. Such a lovely and generous idea, Kylie. Nice one!


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