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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Perfect (Mother's) Day

I first wrote this post back in 2009 when it was set as a challenge for an online blogging community that I was a part of, Blog This. Blog This no longer exists, but some of the challenges are still my favourites to this day. This particular challenge was to write the recipe for the perfect day and I've decided to re-blog it for The Lounge. Today's theme at The Lounge is our ideal Mother's Day. To be perfectly honest, my ideal Mother's Day is basically just being able to go the whole day with no changing nappies or people whinging at me. But if it could be anything at all, it would be this....

Blog This: Challenge 10 -
Challenge 10 at Blog This is to list the ingredients for your perfect day.
What's your surefire receipe for a wonderful day?
My perfect day, any day is a day where I can spend the whole day with my hubby doing nothing but lounging around and eating good food.

But my PEREFCT day? My perfect day would have to be one of the days of my honeymoon...

So, here's the recipe for my PERFECT day -

Take one gorgeous new husband...

(He'll probably kill me for posting this! But he looks so cute!)

Add a tropical island in Fiji called Royal Davui... Early morning start... packed picnic breakfast...
...lots of sunscreen...
...a fast boat, and, our own private sandbar...

(These above 2 photos are taken from the Royal Davui Website because I didn't take my camera with me the day we went to the sand quay. I didn't want any distractions!)

Mix in some snorkelling, swimming and shark-spotting, then simmer until the tide creeps in and reclaims the sand once more for it's own.

Add in some more snorkelling, kayaking and sun-baking to taste, and don't forget the love. Be very very liberal with the eye-gazing, hand-holding and cuddles.

Throw in a pinch of good food...

Finish off with a good night's sleep...
(and maybe some hot love-chilli if you like your PERFECT day with a bit of spice!)
...and there you have the recipe for the PERFECT day!


Fiji and Royal Davui Island Resort was simply the best holiday I have ever been on. It's everything you would expect from a small, tropical, 5-star holiday. Some days I go to the Royal Davui website and just can't believe that Dave and I were lucky enough to go there.

It really was luck, we were originally booked to stay at a 3.5 star resort until the place sold and they cancelled all booking from June of 2008 onwards. We were so lucky to have an amazing US-based travel agent go above and beyond for us and that Royal Davui agreed to take us for the same price and package as the original resort, even though we were getting what amounted to a honeymoon that should have cost double what we paid!.

Dave and I have been talking about maybe going back there for our 10th wedding anniversary in 4 years. If we do manage to get back there then I am seriously thinking it might the perfect place to renew our vows.

The only thing I would add to the perfect day described above is cuddles with my beautiful girls in the morning and before bed, and hearing Punky say she loves me. That would make it a perfect Mother's Day.

What would be your ideal Mother's Day? And have you ever been lucky enough to stay somewhere as fancy as Royal Davui, or gotten an amazing upgrade on something for free?

Linking up with The Lounge today, which is being hosted by the awesome Musings of the Misguided.


  1. That place looks and sounds absolutely amazing, Kylez! I hope you do get to go back for your 10th anniversary and I wish you you a whinge and nappy free Mothers Day. xo

  2. Wow, what a stunning place - fingers crossed that you make it back there for your 10th!

  3. Oh that is absolutely gorgeous. I love the sandbar too, it must have been absolutely gorgeous! I hope you guys do get to go back and that you are still blogging so I can jealously look at all of your pictures lol!

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  4. Great post! Now I'm feeling even colder! I hope you get a chance to go back there. Renewing your vows sounds like a very loving thing to do. Happy Mother's Day X

  5. Sounds like a perfect day to me, stunning! And the ocean is so blue!

  6. Great photos! Yes... it certainly looks like what I'd call a perfect day. I've never been to Fiji but I've just put it on my list!

  7. I will take the no nappy and whinging day!!
    I adore Fiji and had the best time ever last week!! Not trying to make you jealous!!
    We are going to go every 2 years, saving has already begun!!
    I like the sound of your perfect day!!

  8. What a gorgeous location- the beach looks so beautiful.

  9. I want to be there NOW - what awesome photos - check you too hotties out! Happy mum's day lovely xxxx

  10. Oh it looks like the most beautiful place! Especially on a cool day like today :)

  11. Take me there now :) Looks very romantic <3

  12. Yup. You've nailed perfection there. Love a place where you can go snorkelling. As for having your own sandbar…hello!


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