My Week According to Instagram 14.10.12

1. Punky shovels in her steamed veggies so fast it's a wonder she doesn't choke! | 2. Best husband in the world, got up with the munchkin and let me sleep-in till she went down for a nap, which meant I got to enjoy my coffee and mag for a bit | 3. #fmsphotoaday: angle | 4. Re-watching one of my fave movies, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

1. Reminiscing our Hawaiian holiday | 2. One of my fave quotes from the HP book that made it in to the movie | 3. My toast monster | 4. Pulling tissues from the box is tiring work!

1. #fmsphotoaday: red | 2. I guest posted over at Zanni's awesome blog | 3. Woke up to a seriously miserable day, so miserable even the birds were hiding! | 4. For Thankful Thursday with Kate Says Stuff I blogged about being thankful for the memories of my holidays when the weather is crap

1. #fmsphotoaday: emotion | 2. Crap shoppers at Big W | 3. #fmsphotoaday: close-up | 4. Talking about swearing on the blog and in real life

1. It never gets old, cheapest toy there is! | 2. #fmsphotoaday: on the table | 3. Doing a quick spot of shopping at MacSquare after lunch with Mum | 4. #fmsphotoaday: landscape

1. My gorgeous sister at Kate at her Hens Night | 2. Best friends, Punky playing with my good friend's daughter | 3. Dinner! Leftovers from the Hens Night dinner at Panarotti's, chicken & basil pesto pasta and boscaiola | 4. #fmsphotoaday: makes you laugh

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Me N my Monkeys said…
Great shots, looks like a very busy week was had.
Great photos this week Kylie!!!

Loving the tissues.. both my lil ones love tissue pulling!!! Seriously should be an olympic sport!
EssentiallyJess said…
You must be going through tissues like nobody's business! Cracks me up that she fell asleep after wards. :)
iheartsunnydays said…
Looks like a busy week. Love the tissue episode (looks like fun!). Thanks for your lovely comments, now following you on Instagram. PS I must be the only person in the world that has not watched one Harry Potter movie, let alone read any Potter books :)

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