Toast Monster

It sounds kinda weird, but I could sit and watch my daughter eat all day.

She loves toast. Vegemite toast. It's not surprising as I ate copious amounts of Vegemite toast while I was pregnant so she was always gonna be predisposed to it!

For the last couple off months our fave thing (well, my fave thing) has been to get us up, make two slices of toast with vegemite, a cup of coffee and a cup of water (coffee for her, water for me. No wait...), and sit together at the back table and eat breakfast.

Punky is not the neatest of eaters. She gets vegemite all over her hands, then she rubs her hands through her hair and all over face, but I don't care.

She is always so happy in the mornings that it doesn't matter how much mess she makes. When she gives me her cheeky grin she could murder her father and I wouldn't care (ok maybe I'd care a little, I mean after all, I'd never get a sleep-in if he were gone!).

Sometimes she takes a bite of her toast and doesn't quite get it in her mouth, the end hangs out and she does this little sucking thing to move it back in. She doesn't use her hands, oh no, my daughter likes a challenge, and she will either get it back in her mouth using only her mouth or it will drop out and be dead to her.

I was so nervous about starting her on solids, and a little sad that I would no longer be her only source of nutrition, but now I love our breakfast times together and wouldn't change it for the world.

I hope when she is older she still wants to eat breakfast with me.

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Unknown said…
Awwww this is so beautiful and so adorabke. Oh gosh my 8 mth old is a really messy eater too. But they are so cute so i guess they r allowed to be messy lol
Kel said…
She is so cute! Love the pics. I wish I could have the same attitude about the mess. You'd think by number 3 I'd relax a little but I'm still attacking her with the wipes while she's trying to eat lol.
both my lil squirts love vegemite toast too!!

GORGEOUS pictures.. she is such a cutie!!

Oh she's a cutie. Vegemite toast is the breakfast of choice here - Mr Almost-Three has two slices every morning and gets it everywhere, I always have to do a second wipe over in the car on kindy days because it ends up in weird places like behind his ears.
Ai Sakura said…
my goodness she is soooo cute!!!!!
Ai @ Sakura Haruka
she is gorgeous! enjoy these very precious first doesn't eat that much, so with number two i truly enjoying watching him!
Amy xxoo said…
That cheeky Vegemite grin is awesome!
Grace said…
OMG! Sooooo adorable! Just wanna pinch those cheeks! :)
EssentiallyJess said…
Oh so cite! Gotta love a vegemite kid!
I'm sure she will love having breakfast with you; it will be the special thing you do together. :)
Alicia said…
I have a hair wiper too, what is with that? I have a weetbix kid at the moment, she's gone off her vegemite toast. Loves a vegemite sanga though, if she hasn't flung it all around the floor.
Jay said…
My kids were always incredibly messy eaters too. Mmm, crusty hair.

I ate vegemite on toast every day when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter (still do), and she detests it :)

Mia is a cutie!

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