My Week According to Instagram 21.10.12

1. One of my fave quotes from The Walking Dead, Dave and I re-watched the final few episodes of S2 in preparation for S3 | 2. It was a lovely day for some water play | 3. Dave had Monday off so we hung out watching Punky playing and he bought me a coffee! Whattaman! | 4. One of the pluses of living next to the RAAF base is seeing cool things like 4 of these bad boys take off over your back fence.

1. #fmsphotoaday: Dinnertime: We had fish for dinner but they didn't get in the oven till almost 8:30pm! I was starving! | 2. For IBOT I blogged about the anticipation of the new season of The Walking Dead and the next book from Justin Cronin being released | 3. Spent the morning at the park with my good friend Kelly HTandT and her gorgeous kids. Punky and A had fun staring each other down! | 4. And just in case there was any doubt as to how addicted to Instagram I actually am, I hit the 450 photos mark after 27 weeks on Instagram!

Miss Punky, sitting in her fave spot, on the treadmill!

1. It arrived! The sequel to The Passage, The Twelve | 2. #fmsphotoaday:Something You Wrote: things to do for Punky's b'day party, now only a month away! Eeek! | 3. #fmsphotoaday:Fruit | 4. #fmsphotoaday:Made You Smile Today: Punky trying to brush her hair

1. #fmsphotoaday:Letters: The alphabet letters in Punky's room | 2. Like a Tiger! My latest nail art | 3. Even if you paid me a million dollars I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else but with a sleeping child on my lap. Bliss! | 4. #fmsphotoaday:4 o'clock: I spent any chance I could get reading my book

1. A later than usual bedtime but it didn't matter coz Daddy was home to read the stories! | 2. #fmsphotoaday:Calm: She was calm once she had a carrot to chomp on | 3. Just chilling with my girl on Sunday afternoon | 4. Three steps! She took three steps all by herself before bedtime. I almost cried!

Last nights sunset was AMAZING!

So that's my week according to Instagram. Despite Dave being on arvo shift all week it was still a pretty good week, especially coz he had Monday off. how was your week? Are you on Instagram? I'd love to follow you so please leave your username in the comments so I can add you. My username is kyl21z.

This is a link-up, hosted by the awesome Tina! Make sure you hop along and check out everyone else's weeks on Instagram.


Rhianna said…
That totally is an amazing sunset. Miss Mia is just gorgeous as well. Looks like an action packed week
LittleWhiteDove said…
It looks like quite a busy week, but a fun kind of busy!
Kel said…
Hey what's a 'tweegram'?
Lee said…
I did see a lot of your feed during the week. That might mean that I am on there as much as you are! Miss Mia is such a cutie. And the sunset pic is amazing. So pleased to pop in here for the first time! I think. My kids have stolen my memory x
Bachelormum said…
I'm a baby face fan - your daughter is adorable. What a wonderful way to capture the everyday moments (and a lot of them by the looks of it) through instagram.

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