That "Oh Shit!" Moment

That moment.
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When you've made noise. Dropped a piece of cutlery, or your phone. Flushed the toilet. Turned the TV on and the volume is up loud. Clinked some glasses while putting them in the dishwasher.

Your body tenses. Your heart skips a beat. You freeze.



A million thoughts scream in your brain, racing through in a split second.

"Oh Shit! Shit! Damn! Fuck!"

"Dammmit to hell!"

"Stupid fucking clumsy-ass idiot"

"Bloody Dave, put your freaking shoes away!"

The predominant thought screaming louder than all the others...
"Please don't wake up, please don't wake up, please don't wake up!"

And then you hear it...

"Maybe she won't wake up properly" you think.

But no. "Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Waaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

"Oh Shit! Shit! Damn! Fuck"

"Damn you Dave, this is all your fault" (The fact he's not even here is a minor detail)

You race in to comfort the formerly peaceful, sleeping child. Praying, wishing, hoping against hope that she'll drift straight back off to sleep.

No such luck.

And thus begins the countless counting...

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YellowDandy said…
Haha it's so true, I lay in bed so tense at 5.30am when hubs gets up for work, so worried because he stomps and bangs around.
Kylie Purtell said…
Totally! The weeks Dave is on morning shift or goes to tafe and is up at that time I do the same thing, just praying he doesn't wake her up!
Kel said…
Love it! For me, it's the boys that make a noise, so I "whisper yell" at them, and its my whisper yell that wakes her, not the boys! Or... when you turn to walk away from the cot and your rickety old knees crack LOL
Great post Kylez x
Oh I'm sure so many parents can relate! We go through all sorts trying to keep our older 2 girls quiet so our 1 year old can stay asleep. Great post!
Sim said…
This always happens at my house. My poor kids can't win, one minute I'm telling them to put their toys away, then when they do start throwing the lego into the box with a loud crash, I'm getting cross that they've woken the baby! It sucks when you think you've got the baby down and will get some time to yourself, only to find that a stupid noise means that they are now up and grumpy for the rest of the afternoon.
Naomi said…
I know the feeling too well.
Anonymous said…
Love it. We started using white noise in her room to drown everything out. Then there was the tip-toeing past her room, then glueing down of floor boards. I swear my daughter could hear a pin drop in the next suburb
School of Mum said…
Oh the creaky door, the noisy floorboards, the barking dog and the heavy footed husband. There's always something!
Madmother said…
Ah, see, this is where being amongst the last of my friends to have babies was of benefit.

It was drilled into me by then to not minimise the noise, to make sure it was a normal noisy, busy household around my new baby.

Now both mine can sleep through anything (though at 13 and 14 teenage sleep-through-jackhammers standards may apply).
Grace said…
LOL! I had to laugh at that because just 10 minutes prior to reading this...I was going through exactly the same thing. And yes, that countless counting...does my head in every time!
Aah, we've all mastered that foul mouth rant and many variations of it! And yes, it is always there fault lol. Great post and I love the cartoon!
Kylie Purtell said…
I must admit I am not looking forward to when Mia is the older one and we have anew baby as I have a feeling that girl is going to be loud!
Kylie Purtell said…
She mostly sleeps through anything, its the sharp sudden noises that wake her. We live about 300 metres from a RAAF base runway and she doesn't even flinch when the Hercules land or take off or the jets come screaming in (which is loud enough you have to cover your ears) but drop a bloody phone and she wakes up. It's bizarre. Play music, have lots of people talking? No worries, she'll sleep through it all. Clink some glasses in the dishwasher though just before going to bed when the rest of the house is mostly quiet and she'll cry. So annoying. I remember when I was as teenager I had to learn to sleep through anything by necessity, coz I was the oldest of 5 and the younger ones loved to get up at the crack of dawn and play music or instruments. It is amazing a teenagers ability to sleep through anything!
Shari said…
Oh yesssss. 2 very loud teen boys are forever being ssssshhhhhhd here - they know that should they wake the 2 year old it just won't be pretty. At all. Had a big LOL at the cartoon!!!
Just letting you know you will be one of the featured posts next week for Flash Blog Friday! Thanks again for linking up. Cheers Bree.
Unknown said…
Ha, yes! I hate that! I should have learnt after my first to just go with it. Inky is the same - sleeps through most white noise (and even when the garbage trucks grind outside her window on a Tuesday morning), but the sound of the door banging when Scout gets up to go to the loo at night, wakes her every time.
Kylie Purtell said…
Thanks Bree! And thanks for hosting a fabulous link-up!

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