Forty-Eight and Forty-Nine {52 week project} | Photography

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.
{Punky - Forty-Eight} Punky shares he birthday with her Great Nana. The day before their birthday we all go together at Nana's house for a little birthday celebration. And there's nothing like tearing around Nan's backyard playing with family to celebrate a big day!

{Zee - Forty-Eight} For some reason Punky didn't want to have a bath this day so Zee had it all to herself, an unusual occurrence. She was loving it and was very obliging to me taking photos of her. This kid is a natural-born model and I didn't ave to try hard at all to get some cracking shots of her. This is her best impression of a Bath Monster. 
{Punky - Forty-Nine} It's tradition that on the first weekend of advent we head to Mum's to have lunch and then put up and decorate the Christmas Tree. It's so much fun seeing the girls get more and more in to Christmas each year. Kids really do add that extra bit of specialness to this time of year and it's impossible not to feel some of their excitement. After the hard work of dressing the tree, Punky was introduced to the joy that is lying under the tree and looking up to see the twinkling lights through the branches, by Aunty Kate.

{Zee - Forty-Nine} There's something that just screams summer about the coating of sticky fresh fruit juice on a child's chin. Both girls love their fruit, and have never met a strawberry they couldn't resist. Zee is especially good at covering herself in their sticky goodness.

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