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A pit. A bottomless pit featuring nothing more than junk, a bed and a floordrobe. That is the nicest way to describe mine & Dave's bedroom. It's a small room, and as such it's hard to keep it neat and tidy when we have more stuff than we know what do with it.

Back in 2008, just after we got married, I made an attempt to makeover our room. I re-painted, even wallpapered one of the walls with very cool textured, paintable wallpaper. I got new curtains and bought in a new cupboard. It looked great. For about a day.

Fast forward 7 years and I am desperate to get it back in to some kind of organised order. But cleaning, decluttering and organising is not a strength of mine. I know I need to some help. So I asked the experts at Super Amart if they had any tips to help me transform our room. I was not disappointed.

I'm praying I'm not the only one with this problem and that some of you might appreciate these seven tips to claw back space in your bedroom, thanks to the lovely (and way more organised) people at Super Amart...


One scented candle on the bedside table? Yes. An army of aromatherapy supplies... absolutely not. It's time to declutter folks, and ruthlessly. Your bedroom should not be home to telephone bills dating back to 1986 or taxation information that's yet to be filed. If it is, find other places to put that clutter, even if it involves acquiring a filing cabinet for another room.


A successful bedroom is one where items that don't need to be on display, aren't, and that includes clothing. If your wardrobe extends to a floordrobe, it's time to invest in extra cupboards and clothing storage. Furniture specialists like Super Amart have some innovative ways to create more space in your wardrobe, or alternatively, fork out for a new wardrobe or tallboy. Super Amart has furniture stores in Sydney, all other major capitals, and in regional areas.

If your room is the only place available to house extraneous matter like bedding or family photographs, consider under bed storage or blanket boxes and tea chests.

Bed size

Size matters when it comes to your bed, so if the space is small, scale down the bed size. That may mean having an ensemble queen bed instead of a slat bed with posts and frame, or downsizing from a king to a queen in the interests of extra space.
I seriously need this Josee bed. Under-bed storage for the win!!!

Extra furniture

You're seeking out floor space here, so remove all extra furniture that doesn't absolutely have to be in the room. One small ornamental chair might be nice but Great Aunt Ruby's chaise lounge takes up too much space. If it's not necessary and it's in the way, get rid of it.


It's amazing how colour can make a room feel larger or smaller. When seeking space, go for light and neutral colours and use the tones throughout the room. A white doona can make a double bed appear like a king.

Window furnishings

While heavy curtains can dampen sound and block out morning light, they can also consume space in a room. Instead opt for light coloured knockout blinds that create a seamless look.

A little trickery

Stylists have a host of tricks up their sleeve to give the illusion of more space. Their repertoire includes large mirrors and lighting. With your lighting, ensure there are no sudden changes from light to dark, resulting in shadows, and where possible go for slim light fittings.

Whether you're selling your home or seeking more enjoyment from your space, restyling your bedroom to create more comfort room comes down to resizing, removing, storage and a little trickery.

Are you in the process of making over your bedroom? Do have a rather spectacularly-sized floordrobe like I do? What other space-savings tips are out there? 

This post was written in conjunction with Super Amart. Please see my disclosure policy for more info on all things PR and sponsored on A Study in Contradictions.

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