Kylie Purtell - Capturing Life: Disclosure & PR

Disclosure & PR

To my readers - Just so you know, if I ever accept money for a post (sponsored post) or am given something to review or use for a giveaway, I will always let you know at the TOP of the post.

I reserve the right to choose what I will and won't accept for sponsored content and advertising on this site.  I do NOT accept or publish any material in relation to gambling, smoking and/or tobacco products, or pornography.

All opinions expressed within sponsored content and/or reviews are held or endorsed by me. I will not review stuff that I think is shit.

Note on Affiliate links: Within this website you will find links to what I think is the very BEST in photography education communities, Clickin' Moms. Where the words 'Clickin' Moms' have a clickable link please know it is an affiliate link. You will not be charged anything for clicking on that link, and if you decide to become a member of the Clickin' Moms community (which I HIGHLY recommend!) then I will get a tiny commission for showing you the light and leading the way.

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