Kylie Purtell - Capturing Life: Disclosure & PR

Disclosure & PR

To my readers - Just so you know, if I ever accept money for a post (sponsored post) or am given something to review or use for a giveaway, I will always let you know at the TOP of the post.

I reserve the right to choose what I will and won't accept for sponsored content and advertising on this site.  I do NOT accept or publish any material in relation to gambling, smoking and/or tobacco products, or pornography.

All opinions expressed within sponsored content and/or reviews are held or endorsed by me. I will not review stuff that I think is shit.

Note on Affiliate links: Within this website you will find links to what I think is the very BEST in photography education communities, Clickin' Moms. Where the words 'Clickin' Moms' have a clickable link please know it is an affiliate link. You will not be charged anything for clicking on that link, and if you decide to become a member of the Clickin' Moms community (which I HIGHLY recommend!) then I will get a tiny commission for showing you the light and leading the way.

This blog is no longer active and does not accept sponsored content, reviews or any other unsolicited contact at this time. Updated April 2021.