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I can't quite believe that it's Friday again and my first week of the Diploma is done and dusted. I absolutely loved every minute of every class and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings. We are really getting down to the business end of photography now and this is what I have been waiting to sink my teeth in to.

The Skillset was an excellent introduction and I am definitely ready to be moving forwards with everything. We've got some really interesting things to study this term and it's going to be a massive challenge getting all of the work done.

I can't wait to show you what we've been working on though, I think you'll like it. I will definitely be sending the blog to the backseat for a bit as the workload for this course is much more full-on, so the Linky Lovin' Friday posts may be few and far between as I spend most of my free time studying, editing, planning and shooting.

Despite not having much time to read this week, I have managed to pull together a few posts for your weekend reading pleasure...

11 Rainy Day Activities for Kids by A Little Part of the World
Seriously, this an excellent post and has heaps of really good, easy ideas. I have bookmarked it and I'm actually looking forward to ticking some of these activities off the list come next Tafe holidays.

We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online at Slate
A friend shared this article on FB and it was an interesting read. I have conflicting feelings about it, on the one hand I can totally see where they are coming from, on the other hand I wonder if the worry about our children's online presence will prove to be unfounded or even worse than we imagine. Only time will tell I guess.

Releasing Fear & Accepting Change by Knocked Up & Abroad
I loved this post by Vicki, as I totally understand how she feels, Dave and I were exactly the same in the lead-up to Zee's birth, and we certainly do deal with impending change very differently!

That's it from me this week, just a quick one. Dave will be working over the weekend, so if you've read anything awesome this week please hit me up with the links in the comments so I can pad out my reading list.

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HandbagMafia said…
Great links as always! Head over to mumabulous too for a great post on women and money :)
Lila Wolff said…
Love these links, especially the rainy day activities, it rains so rarely here that I get to be at a bit of a loss as to what to do on those days!
I'm off to read the we post nothing online article, I always respect peoples choice on this but for me I just think it's going to develop to be a non-issue as this generation of kids grow. What the current crop of teenagers post themselves will be what tests the waters for future impact, but I just feel like it's a storm in a teacup issue.
Maxabella said…
I think it's quite naive of today's parents to think that a child will not have a digital footprint, even if we don't put them out there. Or even that it won't be utterly weird to be those kids as the digital age settles. x
Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect said…
Thanks for sharing these great links, am heading over now.
I loved Jess' post on rainy day activities. So fitting for the week we have just had in Sydney!
Tash from Gift Grapevine said…
I loved Jess' post too - indoor torch play in particular is a fantastic idea that we haven't tried before. We've been so lucky with the weather in Perth but I'll be storing her ideas for when the rain eventually makes its way over here!
Fleur @ Our Urban Box said…
I too loved Jess's post on rainy day activities. The post about posting about your children online sounds interesting, thank you - off to read it now x
Thanks for featuring my post! I'm chuffed :-) Well done on making it through your first week of your diploma! Meeow! You're doing it!
No worries, it really struck a chord with me. I'm loving it and know it will go so fast!
It is an interesting post and I don't think I agree with it, but it's definitely food for thought.
They are predicting more rain here by the end of the week so I think I know what I'll be printing off for Dave to do with the girls on Friday while I'm at Tafe!
Absolutely, it was perfect timing.
I absolutely agree, Bron. We are only at the beginning of it all and there will be many more changes to come, but barring any apocalyptic type event, this digital age is here to stay, and I would rather be teaching my girls how to navigate it responsibly and respectfully from as young an age as I can.
I think you're right, Lila. I think the kinds of things we worry about now won't even be on the radar for our kids in years to come because it will be so much a normal part of our daily lives.
Thanks for the tip, I shall check it out now x
So excited for you, your diploma is really happening! I love Jess' posts, she's full of great ideas. Off to enjoy Vicki's right now... hope you had an ace weekend x
I will have to read the post on Slate. I am always see-sawing on the kids on blogs front. I am an open book so feel a bit weird when I dodge naming my kids and bits of details. Thanks for linking up your great links.

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