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Talk about a hectic few weeks! It feels like ages since I last wrote a Linky Lovin' Friday post. Which is probably because it has been! Life just got so busy there at the end of  March, what with the lead-up to Easter and the end of my Tafe course.

You'll be pleased to know that I did indeed pass and finished my tafe course successfully. So successfully in fact that I have gained entry in to the Diploma of Photo Imaging course, and thanks to all of the planets in the known Universe aligning, I have also managed to sort childcare for the girls to allow me to actually do the Diploma course this year!

It's a full year earlier than I had planned, and it is going to take some major organisation on my part, but I'm excited for the challenge, and stoked that by the end of November I will have my Diploma and be ready to really see if I've got what it takes to make a living in this business.

We were so fortunate that the daycare centre run by the Tafe had vacancies for both girls two days a week. I spent last Tuesday filling in a million forms and getting a tour of the centre and I think the girls are really going to like it. The staff are really lovely and facilities are top notch, especially the outdoor play areas. What this means is that the girls will be going to their daycare/preschool across the road on a Tuesday, and the Tafe daycare/preschool on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 3 days a week in total.

I think Zee will handle this perfectly, but I am a little anxious about how Punky is going to take it. Not to mention that then on Fridays they will be spending the day being looked after by Nana. It's going to be a big change for them, and pretty full-on, but I just have to keep reminding myself that it's for a good cause, and to benefit them in the future.

But enough about Tafe, I don't want to have to start thinking about it until the end of next week and just enjoy the short holidays I have before the madness starts!

Easter was pretty eventful. We packed the girls up and headed down to my sister's place in Wagga. It's usually about a 4.5-5 hour trip, but the trip down last Saturday took over 6 hours! Poor Zee was not well and ended up spewing three times in the car, and then once more after we got to Kate's. We're not sure if it was car sickness of some kind of 24-hour bug, but she was not a happy girl. Throw in to the mix some major teething that she has going on and it was pretty much meltdown city every few hours with her.

Thankfully we had all hands on deck to help us manage her moods, and I even managed to get in a good solid couple of hours playing the king of card games, 500, with my family. Despite the crappy toddler, it really was nice to just get away for a few days and have a much needed change of scenery. I even got to pull out my camera on Easter Sunday afternoon and take some photos of the girls and do a bit of an impromptu photo shoot with my sister during 'golden hour'.

All of this has meant that once again I haven't had a huge amount of time for blogging and reading, and I even gave myself a little blogging break while I was away. It was very nice, but I have been keen to get back in to it since we got back on Tuesday afternoon. The fact that I'm going to be at Tafe full-time from the 22nd April means that I am going to have to be really careful with my time, and so I'm hoping to spend the next week and a bit getting as many of my ideas out of my head and on to the screen as I can.

Hopefully I can get quite a few posts written so that during the weeks when I have assessments due I won't have to worry about blogging and can concentrate on nailing my Diploma! So on that note, I leave with a few links that I did manage to read this week, and hopefully you can hit me up with a few of the links that you've been loving over the last couple of weeks so I can get caught up on blog-land again.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!

Sunrise on Vaccination by Handbag Mafia

The Motherhood Peace Treaty by The Mummy & the Minx

10 Harry Potter Items I Siriusly Need Right NOW! by Momentary Lapse of Reality

Five of the best: Adult colouring-in printables by Fat Mum Slim

Read or written anything awesome in the last few weeks? Hit me up with your links in the comments!

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Deborah said…
Oh that's wonderful news about daycare and the course! It was obviously meant to be!
EssentiallyJess said…
So excited about Tafe for you! It's such an exciting opportunity.
I've just handed in my last assignment for the term, and I'm already enjoying the break! It's nice to have time to sit and read blog posts again!
You are doing so amazingly well living out this little photography dream of yours! Yay for passing and moving onto the next step. It's hard adjusting to a new pace and rhythm but it's gonna be so worth it. If you love blogging (as I know you do) you will find a pocket to put some words down each week even if it takes a few weeks to discover it. I'm finding more and more that I don't have time during the daylight hours so I often am dedicating one night a week to typing out a couple of posts and then editing them just before I post them during the week. It takes the pressure off but I'm still feeling connected and creative. I've had to let go a bit too, and relax my expectations about what I can realistically produce right now. I've figured it's okay to be living in the real instead of online all the time. I reckon you might find yourself in this place too. Good luck with the juggle!
Awesome re the tafe hun - you are going to be a busy bugger. Dont forget to take care of you ok xx
HandbagMafia said…
Well done on your course- wonderful! And thanks for the shout out :) Pinky Poinker and Have a Laugh on me have some great posts just now :)
Tash from Gift Grapevine said…
Congratulations on passing your course - you are certainly on the right track. Thanks for the links too. Amy always writes such great topical posts that have me nodding my head in agreement every week. I also had a good giggle at the title of that Harry Potter post. Clever play on words there :)
Great news about the Diploma! You are doing so well. I'm excited for you. We had a little one vomiting on Easter too. Not fun. Hope everyone is better now.
Yay congrats on passing your course and starting the Diploma! I love it when all the planets align! I'm going to get myself some pens this week and then I'll be a colouring in ninja!
Grace said…
So awesome to hear about your studies! Go, Kylie!
I loved Handbag Mafia's post - totally nailed it. It annoys me how anyone on telly seems to be "an expert".
Here's a great post I just read over at Her Collective written by Dorothy K:
Thanks, Grace, I'm loving it, and can't wait to get stuck in to the Diploma this week!
Colouring in the best, so calming and relaxing.
Yeah, vomiting is never good at the best of times, let alone on holidays and special occasions.
Thank you x The title alone of the Harry Potter one had me from the get-go! Love a good pun!
Thank you. And no worries. I'm pretty sure I should just call this post Link Lovin' Amy {plus a few links from elsewhere} as I seem to feature you almost every week (with good reason, mind you!).
Definitely busy, that's for sure. But I'm up for the challenge, and it will certainly make me appreciate next year once I've finished!
Thanks, lovely. I think dedicating one night a week is going to be my plan of attack, or at least one day. I'm thinking the Tuesday when the girls are daycare/preschool, I might dedicate a couple of hours in between tafe work to get some blogging done.
It definitely has been nice. I know I will be dedicating at least a couple of full days to catch up on everything blogland once the next lot of holidays roll around at the end of June!
I think so too, it's awesome when things fall in to place like that x

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