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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Let's Talk About Blogging: How do YOU read blogs?

I went to a blogging thing on Saturday and it was all sorts of cool. It was the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Masterclass and dagnammit if I wasn't in blogger heaven getting to meet not one, not two, but a few of my blogging girl-crushes!

There was so much to take in, as there always is at one of these events, and I will most definitely share some of what I learnt in later posts. But a few things that were mentioned in passing got me thinking about how I read blogs, and how you guys read my blog.

I've had this post sitting in my drafts folder for ages now, about 6 months. It came to me in a flash of brilliance while lying in bed trying to fall asleep, as all the good blog posts do, and I've been meaning to ask you for ages...

How do YOU read blogs?

Yes of course I know how you read, you spent many years as a young child learning. What I really wanna know, is how do you keep on top of all the blogs you like and love? How do you get through all of the thousands of new posts by the hundreds of awesome bloggers out there?
Mah Blogging Bitches - Two of the awesome bloggers I was lucky enough to meet, Emily from Have a Laugh on Me & Bec from Mumma Tells

I've tried a few different things.

In the beginning I used to follow via Google Reader and when I logged in to Blogger I could easily scroll through all the new posts and click on the ones I wanted to read of.

Then I started a system in my browser's favourites folder, where I would have them saved into three categories:
A List Blogs, the ones I checked every day for new posts;
B List Blogs (you can see where I'm going with this, right?), the ones I checked every week for new posts;
and C List Blogs, the ones I checked every month or so.
Now there are too many, and I read a lot from my iPhone and iPad, so it just doesn't work that way anymore.

Now I subscribe to everyone's blogs via email. I've created a folder where they're all sent automatically and I scroll through and read at leisure. I find subscribing by email to be one of the easiest ways, as long as I keep on top of it!

I also come and go from Bloglovin but I've been thinking lately that I really need to give it a proper go. What I love about Bloglovin is the ability to go from post to post and comment straight on the blogger's blog. Something which you can't do via the email because you have to click over to the blog and then comment, something which I don't always have time for.

There are so many awesome blogs that I just love to read and I just don't have time to read them all as soon as they post, so I tend to binge-read. I won't read someones blog for a few weeks, or a month or so, but then I'll go and read every post they have written in that time-frame. I only tend to leave comments on one or two of the posts, lest I seem like a crazy stalker bitch!

And that's another thing, how do you find the time to comment on all the posts you read? Do you comment on all the posts you read?

Personally, I reckon I only leave a comment on about 50% of posts. Mostly because I read them while feeding the baby or during other snatched pieces of time and think "I'll go back later to comment on that" and then totally forget and never get around to it!

So I would love to know, how do you read blogs? 
What's your favourite way to get new post updates? 
Do you binge-read like me? 
And is your blog on Bloglovin? If it is I'd love for you to let me know in the comments so I can make sure I am following you. You can find me on Bloglovin, or subscribe to new posts via email below.

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  1. I used to use a reader but I hated that I couldn't comment as I went along. Now I mainly use link ups or read them as they pop up in my social media feeds. I probably comment on about 50% of the posts I read by social media because there are a lot of times when they are blogs that I don't read regularly. I have bloglovin but haven't checked it since I set it up so I have no idea if my posts even load there properly.

  2. I usually comment bomb the linkups! With all the kids I don't get any spare time to read at leisure and any time I do have is spent actually blogging. I have Bloglovin (which I also am on) and I get daily updates via email. Otherwise I am a Twitter fanatic these days (hilarious as I only recently joined and loathed doing so)! I clicked through to your blog from your Tweet so it's working for you!! I subscribe to very few blogs, about 3, and they are overseas blogs who I really love and wouldn't want to miss a thing from via email direct to my inbox.

  3. I do Google reader too which I have a lot of blogs on feed in. Sorry to comment bomb you here - it's 4am and I am hiding under a pillow on my mobile so as to not wake the baby! I read loads of blogs and many are from Tweets and other social media though less from Facebook click throughs these days - I am so not enjoying Facebook anymore with the pathetic reach it has!

  4. I mostly use Twitter and Facebook to keep on top of my blogs. There are just so many great blogs. I need to start commenting on each blog I read instead of replying in Facebook :) Great post Kylie

  5. I'm suffering the guilts because I'm not reading or commenting enough at the moment. When I do its usually through the link-ups. I'm always on the look out for something a little quirky or original.
    Wow - you got to meet Em from Have a Laugh. Jealous totally :-)

  6. I'm totally a binge reader. It has to be spontaneous for me as I just don't know what my day will serve up so I just do what I can when I can. Some days I can dedicate an hour, others 10 minutes. I do wish I could read so many more but I just have had to be content with what I can do. I have a few favourites that I make an effort to follow their journey consistently but other than that it's actually all about what grabs me - titles and pics. and mostly through Facebook and linky parties.
    I try and comment most times 'cos I know how much I love getting comments and I want to be apart of the blogging community so that's the best way for me now :)

  7. I have the handful of blogs that I have to keep up with all the time, some email subscriptions but mostly I keep an eye on most via FB. It's a jumble for me but I am making an effort to like/comment more and more because I'm sure that will generate more traffic to my blog.

  8. I don't read or comment on as many blogs as I used to. It was taking too much time, (even though I love it!) and I had to make a choice. Now I scan Bloglovin' daily and pick out a handful that speak to me and read and comment.

  9. I was once told that if you've made the time to read a post you should comment on it, and that's what I do... strange because I spend HOURS doing it, but I love reading blogs. I subscribe to some of my favs and then randomly check others when I get a chance. No rhyme or reason to how I do it! Check us out in that pic - HAWT or WHAT!!!! :_

  10. I haven't been reading anywhere near as much as I used to or should or want to, but when I do it's usually from linkups, or I have a bloglovin account that I will log into and skim through and see what I've missed. I try to comment a lot and try to respond to comments on my blog a lot, but sometimes I forget to go back and see if there are any replies, etc. too many great bloggers, not enough time :(

  11. I love how Bloglovin sends me a daily email with links and a taster to all the latest posts from the bloggers I subscribe to. I'm not always the best at actually reading them and clicking through on a daily basis but it's nice to have them waiting in my inbox for when I have time. And, there are still so many blogs I haven't yet added to my bloglovin so must be more conscientious about doing that!

  12. I need to get a system going too. I mainly read them when I'm reminded via Facebook. I have blog lovin but to be honest I rarely open those daily emails. It seems like a great system though maybe I should give it a better go.

  13. I have my favourites on email subscription and catch up on a lot when I join linkys. I don't comment on all of them. Oh ... also I have Comment Luv and I ALWAYS comment on a blogger's post if they've commented on mine. That should be a given in Blogger etiquette world.

  14. I use bloglovin, on my tablet, phone, and laptop, and love that they synchronise. I can set up lists in there too so that I can catch up on different blogs according to what I'm interested in.

  15. i use bloglovin'. I find it easy not to miss posts if I use and kept them all in the same place. I very easily forget to check and actually read blog posts when I receive them by email!!

  16. I was using facebook and IBOT but I have started signing up to my favourite blogs so I don't miss posts. I like the idea of a seperate folder.

  17. I read most blogs at night or when bub is asleep on my lap. I have a lot saved on my reading list in blogger, but I also read through a lot from link ups and facebook.

  18. Oh I wish I knew an easy answer to this! I subscribe to some via email but don't find that very effective. I was loving Google+ but for some reasons my comments don't always work when I comment by following that link. I follow a lot of blogs on FB so click through the link from there but usually scroll through link ups link I Must Confess, IBOT and FYBF and look for titles that grab my attention.. I am a binge reader and commentor for sure. When I am working I get SO far behind! I don't use bloglovin'... don't know much about it so might have to check it out!

  19. FB is my best reminder. Although I use Bloglovin on occasion too. I read WAY more than I comment - especially as my iPad and phone seem to loathe many commenting systems.
    P.s. - So darn lovely to meet you. X

  20. I mostly follow via Bloglovin' and Facebook, although Facebook is becoming more and more useless. The Bloglovin' app is great and I get the daily update in the my email.

  21. Lots of different methods of reading, I think you sound pretty organised. I also feel overwhelmed at don't read or comment anywhere near as much as others. I usually just do the IBOT and FYBF link-ups, as that is the most I can manage and then random read via social media or subscription otherwise.

  22. I am forever drowning in a sea of unread blogs. I try to comment on as many as I can but I am often on my phone or ipad and sometimes the comments don't work and that just drives me mad!!! I have to say the ones I read the most are the ones I follow on blog loving or via newsletters and I also try to read them if I see them on facebook too xx

  23. I love the one from the 8th of April! So cute!


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