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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to Renovate Your Bathroom in 10 Days & 10 Easy Steps {A Tongue-in-Cheek Guide}

Step 1. Marry a man who's Grandmother wants to give him his inheritance before she dies so that she can see the good use that it's put to.

Step 2. Get mother-in-law to send the bloke who is quoting Grandma's bathroom to come and quote yours straight afterwards.

Step 3. Get bathroom done by same guy who is doing Husband's Grandma's bathroom to save time and money for you both.

Step 4. Sit back and watch as your bathroom is ripped out and completely gutted, house filling with dust.

Step 5. Freak out about the amount of cockroaches that are crawling around in the now-gutted bathroom and make your husband create a magical barrier of surface spray between the bathroom and the toilet, wedge a towel in the gap at the bottom of the door and pray to God that you don't open the door to a scene reminiscent of the movie The Mummy (think swarming Scarab Beetles) when you go to use the bathroom while husband is on night shift and not there to protect and rescue you from the cockroaches evil clutches (true story, no tongue-in-cheek for this step!)

Step 6. Stay at your Mum's one night while the worst of it has been done and there is no toilet. Return the next day to no toilet and resort to pissing in a bag for the next 24 hours.

Step 7. Be relieved (in more ways than one!) when the new toilet is in and how much easier it is going to be to clean.

Step 8. Shower at the in-laws over the weekend while you wait for grouting to dry and shower screen to be installed.

Step 9. Marvel at the transformation when you are finally able to see the finished product (minus shower screen) and do a little happy dance.

Step 10. Take the most amazing shower you've had in your life once the shower screen has been installed and get a little shock every time you walk in there at just how different it is and then kick yourself for not doing the damn thing years ago!

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  1. How exciting Kylie, it looks fabulous! Love the floor tile colour x

  2. What a transformation, enjoy!!

  3. Oh I love it! I have the same stones in mine as well. We are about to rip out the bathtub/shower and redo it as the bath was never replaced in our last reno and it really needs to be updated. This time we are getting someone in to do it for us. Thankfully we have a second toilet so there will be no bag pissing for me!

  4. Nothing like bathroom bliss. Nice one and hopefully no more bloody cockroaches.

  5. Looking swish! I want one of those loos! Convos I never thought I would have!

  6. Awesomeness. Just a bit jealous of your heat light, I'd be taking twice as long in there just marvelling. If only, I'm in and out in a flash usually on account of the kiddlywinks. Enjoy, looks great.

  7. Isn't there something about a new bathroom and how easy it is to clean compared to the new one. Enjoy those showers Kylie.

  8. Very nice! You are going to love that!

  9. S new bathroom looks amazing . Grandmother of year.

  10. Awesome bathroom reno! Lucky lady!!

  11. Looks great, good on you for doing it! Living with a reno, it's unfun isn't it?! (And I love step 1. That's lovely.)


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