(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Half-Birthday - 6 Months - Zee

A whole half a year this beautiful little munchkin has been with us earth-side. And what an amazing half year it's been!

My little Baby Zee is growing so fast and soon she will be Toddler Zee! A scary thought!

While not quite at crawling stage, Zee has certainly mastered the rolling and wriggling around to get what she wants. I am constantly finding her in a different place to where I left her. She's usually pretty happy, until Punky comes along and snatches the toys she has just expended so much effort wriggling to get! Punky does that a lot I'm afraid. And she's taken to forcefully rolling Zee around, the little bugger!

Let's just say Zee is learning pretty fast that she's gonna have to toughen right up if she is going to survive her big sisters special kind of love! She has started to get her own back though, in the form of hair grabbing and pulling! If Punky is silly enough to get too close to Zee's hands, which she is, often, Zee will just grab right on to a handful and won't let go!

Teething has been pretty full on over the last month, the whinging has been intense. I have spent many days just carrying Zee around because she just refuses to be put down, and when I do, she protests long and loudly. It's really starting to wear quite thin to be honest and I hope some of the little shits break through soon and give her some relief.

I'm starting to give Zee a little food every day now and she seems to have developed a real liking for yoghurt, which is not surprising. She will pretty much maul anything that gets close to her mouth and actual food has been no exception. She is lunging at anything that even looks like food before it's even close enough for her to touch, and she let's you know if you're not quick enough with the spoon when she's not trying to feed herself finger foods!

I've started propping her up with some pillows for a little bit every day, trying to help her get the hang of, and the balance for, sitting up on her own. She's still pretty wobbly, and I spend most of the time re-adjusting her and responding to her annoyed cries and finding her half up and half down, or sprawled awkwardly over the pillows, when I return from the bathroom or kitchen.

She is still madly in love with Punky though and her eyes light up as soon as she sees her. Punky is the one who makes her laugh most often and I think Zee is going to idolise her as they older. I just hope Punky is a good sister to her and doesn't spurn her affections too much!

We started swimming lessons this month and Zee has taken to it, ahem, swimmingly! After my post for 5 months, where I mentioned that she wasn't really a fan of the water, I tried taking her swimming in my Mum's pool. She was fully clothed (in a onesie) and had a nappy on but she seemed to enjoy it. I think it's being naked in the bath that she doesn't enjoy, as when she is in water with her cozzies on she has no problems. She is all smiles for the swimming instructor and the other Mums and bubs in the class, and she only sooked for a few seconds the first time she went underwater. It's been such a relief that she is enjoying it, and I hope it continues and helps with her dislike of having a bath!

Punky was a fast little learner, and desperate to get on the move, but I have a feeling that Zee is going to be a little different. She's a fast learner, but she seems to be of the opinion that there is not much point doing something unless you can master it, like she did with rolling. Plus, when you have a big sister who is happy to bring you whatever toy you desire, who needs to crawl! I'm totally fine with that, she can stay non-crawling for a lot longer yet as far as I'm concerned!

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Kylie Purtell said…
What a beautiful way to mark how quickly they grow. Precious memories and photos.Zee is adorable.
Kylie Purtell said…
6 months already!! Wow. And LOVE the pics. Hey, where did you get those cool monthly onesies?
Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit
Kylie Purtell said…
Too much cuteness in one baby!
Kylie Purtell said…
Oh my goodness has it been 6 months?? They are such gorgeous girls!!!

Kylie Purtell said…
You girls are absolutely gorgeous. I really should do more posts like these - it's lovely seeing the comparisons of how much they've grown x
Kylie Purtell said…
No way, six months already? I still remember reading her birth story! I *love* that pic of Punky and Zee with their eyes locked, so much love captured in that moment.
Kylie Purtell said…
beautiful beautiful photos. I wish I had pics like this of my babies.
Kylie Purtell said…
They are so going to be besties! They look quite different at the 6th month comparison shot - doesn't time fly? And I remember the hair grip nailing all of my kiddies xx
Kylie Purtell said…
Absolutely gorgeous. Miss my babies :) Cheers, Tanya
Kylie Purtell said…
The photos of the girls together are just beautiful, I can see the love. A gorgeous 6 month photo, she has such beautiful features :)

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