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Friday, 21 February 2014

10 Things you need to know about Kylie...

Linking this bad boy up with The Lounge lizards and Floggin it with Grace. Better late than never as they say!

1. I hate odd numbers. Yes, I do. It's weird, I know. I've blogged about it before if you need to know more about why!

2. I'm only up to number two of this list of 10 things and I'm struggling! D'oh!

3. I can do weird things with my tongue. Including tying knots in lolly snakes!
weird tongue things
I reckon I could totally win Miss Universe with this mad skill!

4. I've been taping and watching the Kardashians while I run on the treadmill. I am beyond ashamed of myself.

5. I've only showered twice this week so far. Monday and Wednesday. And this is why...

To the left of this photo is my shower. To the right is the bath. As it looked on Tuesday afternoon. Today we have a bath and half the tiles!
6. I hate peas. Like, really, really, REALLY effing hate peas! I will sit for 10 minutes and pick all the peas out of my meal if they are in there. Even though I like the sound of some of the Lite n Easy dinners I don't order them for the simple fact that they have peas!

7. I set myself a goal to blog every day in February and I failed this week. I didn't blog yesterday. Because of the renovation, it was just too much effort.

8. I peed in a bag last night...
The bag I peed in last night. Better than trying to pee in the garden in the middle of the night! And it was only $27.99 from Ray's Outdoors and will come in handy when we go fishing and camping! **not sponsored**
{Image Source}

9. I don't wash my jeans very often. I don't wear them that often at the moment but in winter I wear them almost every day. (But only when I leave the house. Otherwise I'm in trackies).And I probably only wash them once every month, and that's only since I had kids, because there is only so much crap a baby wipe can remove after a while. Before kids it was longer between washes. You just gotta hang em up to air. And science backs me up!

10. My eating well and exercising has gone to shit since I wrote this post on Monday. Between awesome food and Zumbo chocolate fondant cake for my BIL's birthday, and the simple fact of not being able to shower after a workout, this week in Operation Lose Baby weight is now officially a write-off. And I don't care. Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to get back in to it. At least I've still been eating my Lite n Easy lunches and snacks so it's not a total write-off!

So tell me, how often do you wash your jeans?
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  1. I don't like odd numbers either, except for seven. No idea why. I'm a wear and wash girl when it comes to my jeans, usually because one of my children have managed to smear them with some unidentifiable substance. If I'm lucky, I'll get two wears out of them before I have to wash them, but thats not often.

  2. I'll usually wear my jeans a few times then wash simply because we always have SO MUCH washing that I'll try anything to reduce it even though it doesn't really work. Sigh. That thing with your tongue is so weird -and wonderful at the same time.

  3. I love these kind of posts :) I rarely wash my jeans, unless there are very obvious snot trails. They are so much comfier when they are worn in, not all stiff off the clothesline, or super tight out of the dryer. Also, peas are my second favourite vegie. My favourite being potato, which kind of feels like it doesn't even count as a veggie...

  4. Oh Kylie you're a crack up! Love your new loo! Ha! Jeans washing? Hmmm... when they look dirty? Does that count as an answer?

  5. I totally agree with you on the jeans!!

  6. I only sporadically wash my jeans too - you are not alone there! Hoping your bathroom comes together soon - the peeing in the bag thing would really become old very quickly if it was me!

  7. Wow hun, your toilet is flash! Definitely way more than one wear before washing of the jeans here, so comfy when they're streeeeetched by a few wears.
    Zumbo is just pure evil ;)

  8. I am very guilty of getting many days out of my jeans during winter. Right now though, in Brisbane, it's humid as hell. Clothes barely last a morning, let alone several days. Cool list. The tongue pic freaks me out though!

  9. Hilarious toilet. But yuck. I used to not wash my jeans for months at a time but now I only wear them three times before they go back in the wash. I hate the feel of dirty jeans on my skin! Yuck again.

    I can flip my tongue over from side to side but not that weird move!

    Peas are awesome. I don't get the whole pea hate though my brother is a pea hater. There's a new Zumbo store opening in the QVB building which is where I walk through to get to Ned's school. It will defo be hard not to stop for cake!

  10. Yep, don't wash my jeans unless I reeeeeeeeally need to. Great post!

  11. OMG That toilet!!!! Thank God for baby wipes - they do everything and clean everything in this house and my youngest is 7! ;)

  12. You crack me up - that toilet - just NOOOOOO! As for jeans, usually too hot up there for them but when I do wear them I dry not to wash as they shrink and then they make my muffin flab so much more unattractive. Hope reno gets done soon xxx

  13. I cannot stand peas. I think the worst thing you can do a good hot pie is put mashed peas on top. I can handle them if they are in fried rice but only if it's flavoured enough to cover their taste. Saying all of that though..love snow peas straight from the pod.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!


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