The other day I received a little parcel in the mail and I have been hard pressed to keep the contents to myself! It was a pack from the company AntiOx with some scrummy snack bars and chocolate inside and lets just say its tastes so good that between Dave and Punky I've been lucky to get any!
Oh yeah, them's the goods!
When I got the email letting me know that they were sending me some goodies and included a link to their website I was excited. The first thing I did was jump over to the website and check the carbohydrate content of the chocolate.

Having gestational diabetes means that I pretty much don't get to eat anything worth eating while pregnant (think of all the sweet delights you can!) so when I saw that the chocolate was 70% cocoa and sugar-free? I think I did the world's biggest happy dance! Chocolate I could actually eat! A woohoo!!!

The chocolate comes in two different varieties, one with Goji berries (which for some reason the word Goji always makes me think of gonads. No idea why!) and some other berries called Acai. Now to be honest, until this stuff turned up I had never heard of Acai berries but let me tell ya it doesn't matter. They taste goooood!

Now aside from the chocolate there was also three different types of snack bars, Acai, Goji and Chia & Quinoa. The carbohydrate content in the snack bars is a bit high for me but I had no worries when it came to taste-testing volunteers. I'm pretty sure Dave had sniffed out the snack bars and consumed them before the package had even made it through the door! And with his little accomplice Punky, they made short work of them!

At this point Dave asked me to point out two things. Number one, he has been a fan of Quinoa for years, he wants me to let you know he was on that bandwagon before the wagon even had wheels! And he also insists on pronouncing it Quin-noah, rather than the actual way, Keen-wa.

Anyway, moving right along, Dave and Punky loved the snack bars. I asked Dave what he liked most about them and he said the fruitiness, it made them nice and chewy. I tried to get a few more quotes out of him but he just gave me a bemused smile and kept on chewing.
"Get out of my face and let me eat these snack bars woman!" is what he said.
What he meant was "You are such an amazing wife for letting me have these delicious snack bars and not hiding them for yourself. Here, let me give you a foot rub".
Punky has been enjoying a half square of the chocolate each time she has busted me standing at the pantry stuffing my face (I swear to god that kid has the nose of a bloodhound, you can't sneak any food past her!) and because of their sugar-free status I've not felt too bad letting her have some. But only a little, I'm not very good at sharing chocolate!

Now aside from the whole sugar-free chocolate thing there are apparently a shitload of other good things called antioxidants in them but to be honest, despite the fact I've heard people bandying the whole 'antioxidants' term around for years now I still don't really understand how they work, but who cares. If they can help me cut down my chances of getting crappy colds (and help Punky's poor immune system after the battering it gets every week at the germ-breeding ground, aka daycare, I am right on board! If they taste as good as this chocolate who cares right?! If you do care and would like to know more about whats in the chocolate and snack bars then feel free to check out the AntiOx website by clicking here.

Get in mah belly!!!
The lovely people at AntiOx are giving two of you lucky buggers the chance to see for yourselves how good the goods are. To win you very own AntiOx pack, consisting of - 
6 x AntiOx Snack Bars, and
4 x AntiOx Chocolates

All you need to do to be in the running is to leave me a comment telling me why you want to try the new AntiOx Snack Bars and Chocolates. Easy right!

The giveaway will close at 5pm AEST Friday 28th June, giving you 10 days to come up with your most creative answer! You can see the full terms and conditions of the giveaway by clicking here.

And if you're not lucky enough to win one of these packs, AntiOx are currently running a Winter Snack Bar giveaway on their Facebook page, which you can enter by clicking here

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IBOT: It may not be totally sugar free or full of antioxidants but it sure is good for your mental health!


Kylie Purtell said…
I just love trying new things....especially ones that taste good and are good for you! And fruit chocolate is my very favourite so I'm hoping this is the healthy answer for me! I never knew that's how you pronounced keen-wa!
Kylie Purtell said…
I want to be in the running to win some because you're a terrible friend who didn't share your loot with me!
Kylie Purtell said…
I want to try because my eyes are too big for my belly. Really it's the other way around and I really don't need to eat it but my kids and hubby would love it too :)
Kylie Purtell said…
I'm with Dave, I pronounce it Quin-noah it just sounds better lol. I would love to try these as I have just started on my healthy lifestyle..which at the moment doesn't involve chocolate. I tend to do the inhaling of chocolate so that I don't have to share...which doesn't really gel well with trying to stay healthy.
Kylie Purtell said…
I seriously have my doubts, I just don't like dark chocolate and with no sugar aswell? Blergh I say! I'd have to try it.. ;)
Kylie Purtell said…
My hubby would love this - so much I'd have to hide it! I'm not a dark choco fan but if it's got anti-oxidants it's worth a taste me thinks :) x
Kylie Purtell said…
Since doing my nutrition course last year, I've become more of a dark chocolate fan! And hey, I need all the energy I can get for my City2Surf training! (And possibly another half marathon after that!)
Kylie Purtell said…
I am trying to loose weigh but keep craving chocolate. I need a better alternative please!!
Kylie Purtell said…
I am always on the look out for anything I can eat with my food intolerances. Please let me try :)
Becc @ Take charge Now
Kylie Purtell said…
At the moment I'm so hungry I'd eat anything, even chocolate (oh that's right I'd eat chocolate anytime!)
Kylie Purtell said…
Sugar free chocolate? I don't believe you, not possible. You'd better send me some to prove it! lol
Kylie Purtell said…
You know, in my house right now, there is no Milo, no chocolate and no ice-cream! That's pretty dire. Obviously I need this!!!
Kylie Purtell said…
I am going to have to keep an eye out for these - you are now the second person to say how yummy they are xx
Kylie Purtell said…
I keep hearing how good these are! Think I need to find out, to make an informed decision. :)
Kylie Purtell said…
Wow, they look great! I'm intrigued! Dark chocolate is so satisfying - a great way to curb sugar cravings.
Kylie Purtell said…
I run around after twin boys all day every day and despite that I still can't lose my "baby weight." It's so hard to eat healthy all the time so I'd love to try these bars so that I can still indulge in a piece of chocolate every now and then and not feel guilty.

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