My Week According to Instagram 28.10.12

1. Eating some apricots | 2. Can't believe she is 11 months! | 3. A friend posted this on facebook and I loved it so much I had to share | 4. #fmsphotoaday :: The view from here

1. My lunch when I am work might be boring but it hits the spot and isn't too bad on the healthy scale either | 2. #fmsphotoaday :: Weather | 3. My photo for the #fmsphotoaday prompt 'In My Town' was chosen as one of @fatmumslim's favourites | 4. I joined in the fun and inspiration of the I Heart My Body campaign at We Heart Life

#fmsphotoaday :: In my town :: to say I was excited about this pic being one of @fatmumslim's top 4 faves is a massive understatement! I may or may not have peed my pants a little!

1. Thursday was a gorgeous, but HOT day in the good old Hawkesbury | 2. Punky's first time in the big pool at Grandma's house | 3. #fmsphotoaday :: People | 4. Photo love from a new follower @didee

1. I'm joining in with the #7daysofselfies challenge set by @blossheartblog | 2. Dinner with my sister and our good friend B. Tapas! | 3. #fmsphotoaday :: Listening to ::she was listening to the birds outside | 4. #fmsphotoaday :: Breakfast :: vegemite toast soldiers, our favourite!

I posted about Punk being 11 months on the blog

1. Celebrating the impending 1st birthday of Punky with the #festivalofPunky, a pic a day of my gorgeous girl on the blog and on Instagram | 2. #7daysofselfies | 3. We had a photo shoot with the AMAZING Holly Priddis Photography and Punky was one tired little munchkin afterwards | 4. #festivalofPunky :: my most fave photo of all the ones I have taken, 3 days old, first night home from the hospital

So that was my week according to Instagram. Another week full of smiles and fun and a little bit of excitement thrown in for good measure!

I'm linking up with the most fabulous Tina Gray and making sure I check out everyone else's weeks according to Instagram. It's a great way to see a snapshot of everyone's week and catch up on the pics you may have missed on Instagram. Make sure you check out everyone else's weeks too.


What a fantabulous week! I absolutely adore the photo of your town. And thanks for called me fabulous *blush* xx
Obviously I meant "calling". And here's me getting all spelling and grammar police on people. Hehe.
Rhianna said…
Gorgeous looking photos, Mia is such a cutie. I love that saying about sleeping husbands.
Kel said…
You're hilarious with the pony tail photos! That's not even what it's called is it? hahaha. But LOVIN the tree lined street one, just perfect x
iheartsunnydays said…
Congrats on being featured - it is a gorgeous shot and well deserved! Love the pony tails :)

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