My Week According to Instagram 07.10.12

1. Discovering the last unexplored room of the house | 2. Where I Stood, trying to get the munchkin back to sleep | 3. The sweet sand & water table from Aldi | 4. Lunchtime, blogging & bolognase | 5. Punky's occupation according to the bank | 6. 10 months of Punky on the blog | 7. Not how I put her to sleep | 8. Fun in the Sun at Grandma's, Wordless Wednesday on the blog | 9. The weather forecast

1. This happened today, Punky got her finger snipped by Nan (accidentally of course!) | 2. Checking out the cuckoo clock at Grandma's | 3. Pedicure, sushi & ice cream with Kelly HTandT | 4. What I Read, the latest Philippa Gregory | 5. Playing in her new paddle pool | 6. Water play | 7. She always knows exactly what to go for | 8. Lazy dinner, ham, cheese & pineapple melts | 9. Lolz

 1. Issues | 2. Stupid spammers | 3. Shadow | 4. She loves playing with the iPad | 5. The things Daddies do, super wedgies! | 6. Sleepy girl at her Aunty's house | 7. Playing with Barnie dog | 8. I'm Thankful For... coming home to a roast dinner cooked by hubs after I've been out all day | 9. The many faces of breakfast

1. Having fun with Aunty L | 2. And fun with Aunty N | 3. Light

It's been a good week, certainly better than last week anyway, with much less sooking and much more sleep. Daylight savings has started here so I am crossing everything I've got that the change will help to add even a little more sleep to our morning! How has your week been?

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Rhianna said…
Awesome photos Kylie, and so many, you must have been snap happy hey?
adore your photos! Mine are always of my food because I am boring.
B said…
Wow - I think I have found someone who instagrams more than I do - how can that be?!

I love seeing your week all in one place, it gives such a good idea of who you are and what makes you tick. Very cool!
Kylie Purtell said…
Thanks Rhianna, I am always snap happy, perhaps a little too snap happy actually!
Kylie Purtell said…
Lol, there is nothing wrong with food pictures what so ever. I don't take many pictures of food because I am a useless cook and a terrible eater and it would be too embaressing!
Kylie Purtell said…
Haha, yep B, I am a little bit of an Instagram addict! And the bad thing is, only about a quarter of the pictures I take in a week actually end up on Instagram!
Anonymous said…
Love your pics:-) Love cuckoo clocks yes the old wedgie hubbie gave me one last week lol...
What is the app you use for these square shots still learning all photo stuff *sigh*
iheartsunnydays said…
Looks like you've had a lovely week - your daughter is such a little cutie :)
EssentiallyJess said…
Beautiful week. She is such a cutie!
Had to laugh at her occupation, and not supplying a phone number; how does shoe not have an iPhone already? ;)

Long the pink toenails too. They would go exceptionally well with my new bag. :)

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