Thankful Thursday - Glorious Weather

It's Thursday yet again (is anyone else's weeks just flying by?) and it's time to be thankful.

After a rough night I could say I am thankful for coffee but that's pretty much a given in my life these days, even when Punky has a good night!

What I am thankful for is this glorious weather we've been having in Sydney. The weather that is so nice that Dave and I remarked about the fact that we were sitting on the lounge at 9:30pm last night with no jackets or shoes on, something we haven't been able to do for a while.

It meant that while I was getting up and down every 5 minutes between 3 & 4:30am I wasn't freezing and having to put my trackies and a jacket over my PJ's. It was nice!

And the best thing about this fabulous weather, aside from getting to hang out at the park and let Punky experience sitting on the grass for the first time, with no protection from a blanket(!) is the later sunsets and being able to go for a walk in the afternoons when Dave gets home. In fact that is another thing to be thankful for, Dave being on day shift for the month and being able to live 'normal' people's lives for a little bit. Well, as normal as we get anyway!

It's also meant that I can take lots of photos while hanging outside and having the awesome iPhone camera is another thing to be thankful for. I now have a decent camera on me at pretty much all times and I can snap away whenever the inspiration hits me. In 3 weeks of having the phone I've taken over 200 photos! Can I hear you say shutterbug?!?!

So  I'll leave you with some of the pics I've been snapping while enjoying this glorious weather.

Taken through the top of the pram on our walk yesterday

My day 5 entry for 'Bright' in Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge taken while out & about yesterday

The uncropped version of this pic of a dandelion I posted yesterday

Checking out the bounty of lemon's on the lemon tree the other day...Dave assures me they should look so  yuck!

The reeds down the road from our house that we pass on our walks

Another shot from the FMSphotoaday challenge, this one for 'Far Away'...the mountains are not as far away as they seem, also taken on one of our afternoon walks

The colours in the sunsets have been amazing the last few weeks and this was one of the first ones I captured on the iPhone...did I mention I love that thing?
So, what are you thankful for this Thursday?

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Thankful Thursday


Mimsie said…
What beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing. It is glorious spring day in Perth today but we've had some real wintry weather earlier this week. Lots of rain and windy too but we aren't complaining as we have just experienced our 4th driest winter on record so more rain still needed. Glad though the weather over your way is so good...saw it was to be 25C in Sydney today so enjoy.
Kel said…
Gorgeous pics, as always. And how funny that you write a weather post when we're hit by the horrible wind! But, it has been glorious. My sunburn was thankfully shortlived ;-)
Love the great weather here too (Brisbane)! Beautiful photos :)
Mumabulous said…
Your photos are amazing. I agree there's something about the change of season that is uplifting.
Its supposed to be another glorious day tomorrow so I hope you can get out and enjoy it. I certainly intend to.
Love Mumabulous
Gorgeous images and so much to be thankful for.
I agree, the weather has been divine. Don't you think they should start daylight saving a month earlier? I'm ready!
Gorgeous Kylie. Thanks for sharing with me! I was contemplating getting an iPhone for the photos alone, but our provider doesn't do iPhones. I will just have to admire your photos with envy :) I am loving the warm weather too. We sat by the lake all day, the boys even swam! and it was just heaven.

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