The Good, The Bad and The Pinstrosities

You know how in science or physics, or whatever, they say that every action has an equal and opposite reaction? The same can be said for many good websites.

Just a sample of one of the many so-wrong-it's-hilarious
cakes you will find on Cake Wrecks
There is a lot of people out there who make amazing cakes and make a living from creating these bakers delights, heck, if you have Foxtel you know they have a whole bloody month dedicated to cakes!

But of course, for every good cake there is an equally-as-horrible cake out there. And a website like Cake Wrecks is the place to go if you want to waste a bit of time laughing at the idiocy and crapness of others. It makes you feel just that little bit better about yourself and your own failings. Well, it does for me anyway.

I discovered Cake Wrecks a while ago and blogged about it coz it was just too funny not to. And then I discovered Regretsy. Their tagline sums it up perfectly - 'Where DIY meets WTF'.
You too could own this wise green forest man!

There are some seriously, seriously weird and twisted people out there, and thankfully Regretsy is there so that we all have a place we can go and laugh at those people's weird crafts and DIY stuff.

So in the interests of giving you a bit of a laugh on this fine Friday morn, I bring you the latest in anti-websites...

If you've fallen victim to the time-sucking parasite that is Pinterest, you'll know that you can find just about anything on there and that it's chock-full of fabulous and not so fabulous ideas. I have pinned so many things that I think "I am sooo gonna do that one day" and I swear, one day I really well

But until that day comes, Pinstrosity is here to show you what happens when you do actually bother to try out something you've pinned on Pintrest. Sometimes what seems like a great idea at 3am when your pinning like a mad woman becomes another thing all together in the cold, harsh reality of daytime.

To be fair though, a lot of the Pinstrosities (totally a word!) are the fault of the people attempting to make stuff not following the instructions/directions properly, which we've all done I'm sure, so that kind of makes it even funnier, coz you know they are feeling so silly but are good-humoured enough to share their failures with the world!

So if you're looking for something to make you feel better about not actually doing any of the things you've pinned on Pinterest, or you're just looking for something to laugh at and make you feel better about your own failings then you must hop on over to Pinstrosity. You won't regret it and you can thank me later!

And if you're interested, you can follow me on Pinterest here.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the amount of time and productivity lost or wasted if you choose to visit the websites listed above!

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bloggingmumof3 said…
thinking i may have to join pinterest etc to get a good laugh
Emma Wilkinson said…
I used to have regretsy on my facebook feed, and I had to remove it because it was so time consuming! Not for the faint hearted though. I also love cake wrecks.
Stopping by from FYBF!
I lose hours on regretsy, killing myself laughing at their commentary. I had no idea there were so many people into making things from human hair. We're a weird mob.
Twitchy said…
I'll definitely be checking out Regretsy and Pinstrosities , thanks! As for Cake Wrecks, my MIL makes cakes to order for a living. Once she was in terrible turmoil about a joke cake order by a husband for his wife. It was a pink kitchen sink, complete with chain and plug. The message: "Now you know where you belong." Far out. We all hoped she could see the funny side- if there was one.
Grace said…
"Where DIY meets WTF". I am so tempted to check out these sites you mention, but I am so scared I'll be sucked into a black hole :)
Krystle said…
Last weekend my husband delighted in showing me pintrosity, almost as a warning with what my attempts may turn into. Funnily enough this weekend he's munching on brownies courtesy of a pinterest recipe!

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