She Loves Me, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Liebster. It's a German word. According to my extensive online research it means sweetheart; darling; beloved person; boyfriend.

So Kelly wants me to be her boyfriend. Or wants to be mine. I don't know, whatever. Either way, she has bestowed upon me a Liebster Award.

I always knew she wanted me. If not for my hot bod then obviously for my awesome writing skills and way with words. I'm happy to be her boyfriend, because, well, she cooks like a Boss and cleans like a fiend so she'd make the perfect girlfriend right?

But alas, apparently she's into a Big Love kind of thing and has bestowed the Liebster Award on 10 other people so I may have to think seriously about whether or not I want to accept her advances.

Ah, who am I kidding?!?! As if I'd kick her or her award out of bed!
I totally stole the idea for this picture from this cool chicky here

So Kylez, what the fuck are you on about I hear you say. The Liebster Award, that's what I'm on about. It goes a little something like this...

Each person must post 11 facts about themselves 
Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you 
Choose 11 people and link them to your post (they must have 200 followers or less) 
Provide 11 questions for the people you tag 
Tell the people you have nominated

For a lazy girl like me that's a lot of stuff to do, and I must admit I find it a little hard to come up with facts about myself that anyone would really give a shit about but here goes - 

Fact 1. I hate peas. Like really hate them. So much so that I pick them out of whatever I am eating, even if there is no chance that they would even taste like peas, I still can't eat them. If I know they are there, I can feel them! Most other vegetables I will force down my throat, but not peas. Nu-huh, no, way, no how. They are the devil!

Fact 2. In case you hadn't noticed, I talk a lot of shit, and I waffle. A lot. My high school English teacher told me I was the best waffler he ever had the pleasure to teach. That while most people would be able to get a point across in 10 words, I could use 100 and still be going. Good when you need to make up words in an essay. Not so good when you're trying to bang out a short and sweet blog post that people will want to read. Have I proven my point yet? No? Well keep reading.

Fact 3. I hate the word 'sliver'. Urgh! Not to be confused with 'shiver', 'sliver' gives me shivers down my spine. But not the word moist. I kinda like moist. Moist, moist, moist!

Fact 4. When I was really little, like 4, we went to Australia's Wonderland and I got a Hana Barbara Land hat which I loved! Then, we went to the zoo. And my parents told me not to stick my head through the viewing gap for the goats, or some other animal. So of course I stuck my head through. And I lost my hat. My most favourite hat. To this day I still feel sad when I think about that hat. I do perhaps also need therapy.

Fact 5. When I was 14 I made a one-person video clip to the song Absolutely Fabulous by the Pet Shop Boys, followed by own version of a Demtel ad. I was supposed to be cleaning my room but thought that would be more fun. Except now my Mum takes great pleasure in showing that video to anyone she can and it's ridiculously embarrassing. I don't get embarrassed too easily but that I will never live down.

Fact 6. I can't spell the word embarrassed. And the only reason it's spelt right in this post is because of spell-check. Thank God for spell check!

Fact 7. For that matter I always stuff up words that end in 'ely'. I always transpose the 'e' and the 'l'. Every single time.

Fact 8. Have I proven point 2 yet?

This dude's picture came up when I did a
google images search on the word
Liebster. His name was Max Liebster
Fact 9. Surely you're not still reading this? You are? That's because you want to see if I want you for a boyfriend isn't it. Go on, admit it. I only read people's 'award' posts to see if I'm chosen. And then get secretly jealous when I'm not. I know you do too, it's ok, you can tell me.

Fact 10. If I could have any super-power I wanted it would be the power to clean things with my mind by looking at them. That's how much I hate cleaning and any sort of housework. 

Fact 11. When I was 18 my friend and I once reversed a car backwards on a quiet back-street for over 100m, just to see if the odometer would go backwards and not forwards. In case you're wondering, it went forward. And yes, the odometer is the one that counts how many km's you've done, not the speedo. The speedo is the one that tells you how fast you're going. Believe it or not some people don't know this, especially service station attendants who ask you for the speedo reading when you're using a fleet card.

Phew, you've made it to 11. Congratulations if you've made it this far. I promise I'll make the rest of this as brief as I possibly can.

My 11 questions for the 11 people I chose to request the pleasure of having in my sweetheart harem - 

Q1. What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?
Q2. Do you scrunch or fold. I'm talking about toilet paper here. I'm a scruncher.
Q3. Think about your best-friend in the world. Now think about them getting stung by a jellyfish. Now think about whether you like them enough to pee on their sting for them. Would you do it?
Q4. When the zombie apocalypse happens do you want to be a survivor or are you too lazy to be bothered living that kind of existence and would you rather just be a zombie? I figure it can't be that bad, you're a zombie, you wouldn't really know would you? You'd just be interested in eating brains. How bad is that, I'm too lazy to want to survive a zombie apocalypse. Yep, I take laziness to a whole new level right there!
Q5. Do you pee in the shower? Yes or No? Why or Why Not. I'll just put it out there, I don't think there is anything wrong with that! Unless it's someone else's shower. Or there's someone in the shower with you!
Q6. What do you want to be when you grow up? Totally stole that one.
Q7. If you won 50 million bucks in lotto, would you give me some? At least pay off my mortgage?
Q8. What's your fave colour?
Q9. What's the best book you've ever read? Yep, stole that one too!
Q10. Have you ever farted loud enough in public that people have looked at you?
Q11. At what point in this post did I prove fact number 2 to you?

Ok, now to answer the questions Kelly has asked me (seriously, if you just wanna scroll to the bottom to see if I've awarded you this award go on, I won't be offended, I would have done it back at fact number 2!) - 
1. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

2. If you could drive any car of your choosing, what would it be?
Lexus IS200

3. What picks you up when you’re down?

4. What’s your favourite Karaoke song?
I Will Survive

5. PC or Mac?

6. What food do you despise?
Please refer to fact number 1

7. What one Super Power would you choose?
Please refer to fact number 10

8. If you had to relocate to a new country, but you could choose which one, where would you move?
I would move to the US, but only to New York. I love New York!

9. What is the best book you’ve ever read?
The Time Travellers Wife (see here for more on that)

10. Do you think Australia should become a republican nation or are you all about the monarchy?
I'm not so much all about the monarchy as I am all about winning Commonwealth Games mdeals. Yep, I'll admit it, despite my thoughts in the Obligatory Olympics post, it's nice to always be top of the medal tally at the Comm Games, you know it's true.

11. What do you think of my blog? ;-)
This image also came up in a google
image search for the word Liebster
Anyone know what it says? I bet it's funny
I freaking love your blog! I want your blog to get together with my blog and have bloggy babies. They'd be the mouthiest little blogs but oh so pretty!

And finally, the part you've all been waiting for, I request the pleasure of the following people and their blogs to be my sweetheart -

1. Whining at the World
2. Delightfully Tacky Little Squirts
3. New Adventures in Dreamworld
4. The Babbling Bandit
5. Colours of Sunset
6. Live. Love. Create. Imagine
7. Our Little Sins
8. Octavia and Vicky
9. Melbourne Mum
10. Mountains and Musings
11. Me and Mia

P.S. Even if I haven't nominated you and your awesome blog for the Lieb-meister I would still really love to hear your answers to the 11 questions I've asked, so feel free to answer them in the comments, or on your blog.
P.P.S. I'm open to being the man or the woman in our relationship, I'm easy. Just ask my husband!


Kel said…
Ahaha, sheesh, I should have looked up what Liebster meant, it seems I'm a bit of a floozy!
Hilarious post!
~Summer~ said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
~Summer~ said…
Congratulations on the awards! Stopping by your blog from ibot and following on GFC. P/S: I would really like that kind of super power too. Now you see the mess, now it's all clean! Puff!

Summer @ A Happy Mum
Yvette Bowyer said…
Ohhhh congrats!!

Thanks for nominating me!! :) I feel very honoured you want to be MY boyfriend!! hehe

love the work!

you have been visited by a member of #teamIBOT :)
J Bott said…
Loved your 11 things! How can you hate peas though?!!
Julie said…
Totally with you on the peas. My husband keeps telling me they are so tasteless, but no, I hate them in anything!

Also with you on the spelling. Although I am a bit of a spelling and grammar critic, I have several words that ALWAYS let me down... embarrassing is one of them actually.
carmen said…
Nice! You talk almost as much as me! ;)
Mandie said…
Haha! Nice to get to know you more!!
I get the whole, "waffling" thing. I am quite verbose, too. Who needs concise, anyway??
Unknown said…
Hilarious post! And thanks or tagging me in the award. But I really don't know how anyone could not like peas. Peas are great.

I get waffling because I babble. Why use a few words when you can use a few too many?

Sliver is a good word, but moist? Moist is kind of dirty.

E. said…
Ooh cool, I'm a Girlfriend ora boyfriend! How do we decide who is who?

Thanks Kylez. Very much appreciated. Love the insight onto your life.

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