So, so fast

A friend posted a link on facebook the other day, to a blog post entitled 'Left to Cry...Alone' and it almost made me cry.

The tired, far-off stare into my chest

It really puts everything in perspective, all the hard days, the crappy things about having a baby, as well as the fantastic, joyful stuff.

From the blog post -

"I will remember the way he would fall off the breast, milk spilling out of his sweet bow-tie mouth, peaceful in my arms, using my breast as a pillow as I quietly rocked him. I treasure those moments that my mother warned me would ruin him. It is in that moment that every other piece of joy in my life shall be measured – and lose. Life doesn’t get better than in that moment.
So please, I beg you…..tonight as you rock your 2 month old baby, praying they would go to sleep, thinking about just putting them down to cry by themselves feeling yourself getting frustrated…take a moment and think about the closed front door I’m staring at while sitting alone in my family room."

I think about this every day, how fast it is going, how one day soon Punky won't want to be near me all the time, and sit on my lap and be rocked, won't fall asleep on my chest or think that I truly am the funniest, best person in the world. It's not fair that it goes so fast, so I have to try and embrace every moment, even the crappy ones because one day soon those moments will be gone and all I will want is them back.

It's true that when I look down at Punky, when she has her head snuggled in to my chest, "Life doesn't get better than in the moment".

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Amy xxoo said…
Aww - i remember feeling like that when Flynn weaned off breastfeeding. However, he's still a massivley snuggly kid ( except when he's having a Terrible Two's moment! ) and the bedtime book-and-cuddle is a really beautiful part of my day now...
Also - look at those gorgeous chubby baby cheeks Mia has!
Unknown said…
This makes me feel so clucky, but also reminds me of that same feeling I had for the whole first year of Charlotte's life. Every day I thought that it was all going to fast, especially as I was returning to work when she turned one. I just wanted it to last a little bit longer. Now I look back and just like you say, I wish I'd spent less time worrying about it going to fast and just enjoyed each moment a bit more.
It does just go way too fsst. My daughter is three now, and I miss breast feeding her and snuggling her to sleep SO much. And I've had twins since then! It's certainly a time to be cherished!
Lou Lou said…
Oh that's a lovely post. I'm pregnant with B2, so more snuggles are just around the corner. Thank God!
Talia said…
Aw, I just read the story you posted. I too have tears from it! How beautiful! I've been trying to enjoy every moment of Lior's life (SO much easier now that's he's a bit happier!!), but this is a good reminder to shove it to the people who tell me not to rock him to sleep etc. I love my baby. :-)

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