Picture Perfect - Baby Love

This is my girlfriend K's precious little girl C, at just under a week old. I mentioned her in this post and how long her toes were. I got to visit again with K and little C, and proud papa M last Thursday night, and boy is she gonna be a tall gal! In just the space of two weeks it seems like she has doubled in length! I could not believe it! And I got to hold her and have cuddles for over an hour!

Clucky? Yes, that would be me!

I can only hope my future baby is as beautiful and sweet as this one. I don't think there is anything that can make you feel as happy as a new baby (that is when it's not yours and you're not having to deal with the nappy changes and 2 hourly feeds!), except of course for talking to a brand-new first-time Mum not long after she's had her baby. I could get addicted to that happiness!

This is my first foray into the world of baby pictures, as K & M decided they didn't want to spend the money on the professional photos from the hospital, so I offered to take some. I hope they liked them all, this is just one of the many I took. And this is also my entry into the latest Blog This photo challenge, Baby Love.


Amy xxoo said…
What a cutie - and what a luscious head of hair!
Oh, and also, thanks for reminding me to do my challenge entry...
Belinda said…
Oh my goodness, she is absolutely beautiful!! Great pic too - could this maybe be a little sideline job in the future? That shot is way better than any hospital one I've seen!

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