Monday Night Musing - When Being a Grammar Nazi Doesn't Pay

I was browsing digg the other day, looking for some interesting (or not) news stories from around the world when I came across this article.

So often I see really bad grammar, in places where there is just no excuse for it to be. On professional signs. Commercial flyers. Official news websites.

And all I wanna do is write them a letter and point out their mistake. Spelling mistakes are even worse!

So anyway, with that in mind, I came across the article mentioned above, in the The Globe and Mail talking about some grammar vigilantes and their mission to eradicate poor spelling and grammar from signs across the United States.

Often they would ask permission from the signs owners to make the change, but more often than not they were turned down. They were actually arrested at the Grand Canyon for amending an official sign, and had to pay a $3000 fine. They were also banned from speaking publicly about fixing typos for a year! How funny! 

Well, maybe not the fine.

After mentioning the book the author of the article then goes on to show some examples he's found of poor grammar and spelling in different places. If you find this sort of thing interesting you should def give the full article a read.

I'm definitely going to be seeing if I can get a copy of the book he mentions, The Great Typo Hunt, as I think it would be quite interesting. I've always wanted to read Eats, Shoots & Leaves as it's one of those books I always see on the shelf but have never actually grabbed. 

I'm thinking I may have just worked out what to download to my Kindle next!

P.S. Please feel free to point out my poor grammar if you see it!


Bill said…
Probably not yours, and not exactly grammar, but unless there is only one grammar Nazi, then Yoda's caption should read "Nazis'"

Eats Shoots and Leaves contains some funny examples too.
You know when I was looking for a pic to include with this post I thought twice about it, but then I thought it might be a little ironic or something.

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