What Have I Been Reading Lately? My Kindle!

Well, to be more specific, I haven't actually been reading my Kindle, I've been reading books on my Kindle, and I tell ya...

...I LOVE the thing! I can't believe I didn't get one sooner! It is just like reading a book, in terms of how it looks on the screen (it's really quite amazing how it looks just like the page of a book) and so damn convenient!

Some of my favourite features - 

  • The built-in dictionary. One of my pet hates is coming across words in a book where I'm not quite sure of the meaning. I can get the gist within the context of the section, but sometimes I'd really love to read the proper definition. And with the Kindle, all I have to do is click the cursor up to the word I'm not sure of, and the definition appears at the top or bottom of the screen (depending on where the word is on the page)...it's GOLD! Probably one of the best features about it
  • The ability to highlight passages of text - this is also another handy feature as I always find quotes I love in books and what to share with people later, but I refuse to deface my books with highlighter, and I don't always remember to turn the bottom of the page up. But with this, you just highlight your passage and it saves it to My Clippings so you can flick through all your fav quotes from your books in the one place. And, you also have the option to post the link for the quote direct to Twitter or Facebook from your Kindle. For free!
  • Downloading books with the built-in 3G Wireless takes about 10 secs. You can browse the Kindle store directly on your Kindle and as soon as you click Buy and then return to your Kindle home screen, the book shows up within a matter of seconds!
It's also got some cool experimental features, such as a web browser, text-to-speech (it's kinda how I imagine it would sound if Stephen Hawking came to your house to read you your book!) and it can also play MP3's so you can listen to music while you rad, if you so wish.

Check out how it is!

It took me a few chapters to figure out the most comfortable way to hold it without accidentally pressing a button once I got into the story, but you can also change the orientation of the screen to find the best reading position and it weighs next to nothing (less than 250grams!) so it's not hard on the wrists. In case you're wondering, I have the beginnings of arthritis in my wrists which makes holding books for long periods quite uncomfortable, even painful sometimes.

Honestly, I could go on and on about this thing, so if you're thinking about getting one and you'd like to hear more of my preaching on its virtues, just shoot me an email (mrsp@kyliepurtell.com) and I'll gladly oblige and answer any questions you have.

I picked my baby up on Friday afternoon (long story, but I ended up driving to Mascot/Syd Airport to pick it up from the DHL depot in long-weekend peak hour traffic I was so desperate to have it in my hands!) and I have already read 4 and a half books on it. All from the Tomorrow, When the War began series. I decided to re-read them after going to see the movie (my review of which is here) and it's been a great experience on the Kindle.

So now, that I've finished raving on about it, what have you been reading lately? I only have 1 and a half books left in the Tomorrow series so I'll need something new to download by Sunday and I'm looking for suggestions!


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