Monday Night Musing - Blog It While It's Hot...or Not

On Thursday nite I posted that I had been struck down by the plague and would post again once I was feeling up to it.
That was me on Friday and Saturday
after taking my tablets but before I
got back to sleep!

Well, Friday and Saturday were the absolute worst of it. I couldn't swallow and I could hardly move, all I did was sleep and take Panadol, antibiotics and cold n flu tablets. It was harsh!

But yesterday I woke up and I could finally swallow again and one of my ears popped! The end is in sight. I still have one blocked ear and a very nasal voice, but I don't have the 'sickness' part of it now, so it's onwards and upwards.

I've been struggling with the blogging lately. I've gotten into this terrible pattern of thinking of fantastic blog posts, or finding cool stuff on the net I wanna post about so I don't forget where I found it, but when I actually get a chance to sit down and blog, I can't remember the things I wanted to blog about. Very frustrating!

But I've switched to using google's Chrome browser on the laptop and at work so I can bookmark things at either place and access them on whichever computer I happen to be using. Which is very handy I must say! Makes it easier to find that cool website that I looked at in my lunch break when I get home!

So anyway, until I get my shit together and start writing things down again, I thought I might work my way through some of the old Blog This challenges that I didn't participate in at the time for some reason or other.

Do you ever have this problem? Do you think of all these wonderful things you want to post about, only to forget them all, or lose inspiration the minute you sit down to actually blog? What do you do to get your memory or mojo back?


Nadiah said…
To get inspiration back I read other people's blogs. I don't so much forget what I wanted to say as lose the tone of how to say it. I can't really get into it unless I have the feeling like I am in a conversation, so if I've spent a bit of time scooting about checking out what everyone's been up to, it makes me feel a bit more social again.
Amy xxoo said…
If i've found a website or news article that i want to post about i bookmark as a favourite - so once a week or so i check my favourites to remind myself of what i wanted to write!

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