A Plague o' Both Your Houses

I have the plague. Not The Plague, but a lurgy none the less!

And so I haven't been up to blogging much. I've had most of the week off work and I still feel like crap. And today my whole body aches.

So until my head clears a little and I start to feel a little better I'm just gonna curl up under my doona and sleep!

Thank You for listening to my whinge. For your amusement here is a sampling of what comes up in google images when you search for 'a plague o' both your houses'.

{Image} I LOVED this movie! Saw it 4 times in the cinema
{Image} Enough said!
{Image} I have no idea about this one. I think it's advertising a rave!
{Image} I thought this one was pretty amusing as a result!


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