A Belated Announcement...WINNERS!

So you may be wondering whatever happened to my Blogoversary Guessing Comp and who won. Well, I am here to apologise for not having been able to do this sooner and to tell you, who indeed won....

The total number of posts on May 28th, my blogoversary, was.....


And the person with the closest guess was....Jade! Jade guessed 578.

The next closest was Jasmel! Jasmel guessed 532.

Now I was going to give away 3 vouchers to the people who guessed the closest. Well, I had two people guess 521, so instead of choosing one person to give the third voucher to, I am going to give a $20 voucher (each) to those two people...and they are - Jaded Vixen and Sarah!

If you are one of my winners, (click here to see if you are one of the commenters who I am referring to)please send me an email to mrsp@kyliepurtell.com so that when I get back from the States I can email you your vouchers! Due to my limited connectivity at the moment I won't be chasing people for their email addresses so if you're connected on twitter or networked blogs via facebook please re-tweet or like so that other people see and hopefully all winners will see their names! Thanx Guys!

And congratulations to my winners and a big thankyou to everyone who played along.


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