Blogoversary Guessing Comp!

On May 28th, my little corner of the internet turns 1! This last year has gone so fast, I just can't believe it!

I mentioned the other night that I was going to have lots of fun stuff to celebrate my blogoversary, and so I'm here to tell you, the fun starts now!

That's right, the first of my giveaways opens NOW and will close on April 28th at 11:59pm AEST. You have a month to enter. The winners will be announced on my blog on May 28th so be sure to write that date in your diary and check back here as I'm sure you'll all be holding your breath in anticipation of that announcement. Lol!

All you have to do is guess the total number of posts* I will have posted by May 28th and leave your guess as a comment. That's it! It's pretty easy.

What will you win? Well, I have three $30 gift vouchers to give away. (If you win and you are overseas you can tell me what you'd like from their website and I will do the order for you and then post OS to you once I recieve it)

To give you all a bit of help with your guesses, I can tell you the following - 

  • Since May 28th 2009 I have posted a total of 434 times (not including this post!)

  • My average monthly number of posts is 39

  • Keep in mind my daily Pic A Day posts and weekly Motivation Monday, Friday Funny and  Quotable Notables posts
The three closest guesses win the vouchers. Happy guessing!

*Total number of posts - the total of all posts as of May 28th, for instance, my guess would be 522 (sorry if that wasn't clear, wasn't sure how to word right


Clarissa said…
Yay!! I am guessing 41!
Anonymous said…
As I know you MAY be busy, 33! Jas
alliecat said…
Wow, you sure do post alot!

My guess -


that is the total since the beginning right?
Kirrily said…
501 from me!!!
Yep, total from the beginning.
Clarissa said…
Since i didn't read it properly the first time...i am going to guess 512 (i hope this is allowed)
Totally allowed Clarissa! And you didn't read it wrong, I was gonna send you an email after I went back over it after Kirrily asked me if it was total or for the month on twitter, I went back over it and I didn't really explain myslef as usual (I tend to talk in circles! Lol!) so it's all good!
Kakka said…
517 from me
I'm going to randomly guess and say 578!
Anonymous said…
521 Is my guess!
carly said…
seriously thought i guessed.

my guess is

Anonymous said…
Sarah said…
My guess is 521

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