What a week! And it's Only Wednesday!

Thank God for 4 day weeks hey!
Germany Prepares For Easter
I've been dreaming of these! My fav Easter treat! I haven't succumbed yet!

These last two weeks have been full on with work and other such stuff. One of our girls was on AL last week, so we all pitched in to cover her duties (she has big shoes to fill! Love having you back N, although I know you'd love to still be on holidays!).

I also got a new computer after my old one just decided to almost die on me and unfortunately the backup I did of my emails and contacts didn't work, and so I have been frantically trying to get all contacts and distribution lists back in and I am hating not having my email history! It's made me realise how much I rely on Outlook to manage the day to day of my job.

My Outlook contacts contained notes on all the samples and requests for/from customers (although thankfully I am religious when it comes to documenting things with customers so I have a lot of it in hardcopy!) and keeping a record of emails when you work in sales is a very handy thing for confirming deals and orders (and when customers try to tell you that you authorised  or promised something when you have the email to proove that you didn't!).

My distribution lists are what I use to ensure that the correct information goes to the right people, and I use it as a guide when putting together sales material and grouping subject areas together. So not having any of this anymore is difficult and a little daunting, but I am choosing to look at it as a good thing. All of my contacts and distribution lists will be current, and it gives me the chance to do what I have wanted to do for a while, which is clean out redundant information and contact customers for their most up-to-date email addresses.

And I must admit, I quite like doing data-entry type work sometimes that requires less brain power and little frustration. But I'm really looking forward to having 4 whole days off!

Easter is this weekend (can't believe it has come up so fast!) and we'll be heading over to Mum's for a late lunch/early dinner on Good Friday, and hopefully catching up with the In-Laws at some stage. Mr.P has to work early on Sunday evening which sux, but I am looking forward to having Monday all to myself. I plan to do some reading, and if the weather is nice, I want to go for a bit of a drive and take some photos. Not sure where I'll go yet, there are a few spots I've been thinking would be good for shots, so hopefully it won't be raining!
Good Friday 2006 - Can't believe how little my brother is! He's as tall as my brother-in-law (far left) now! Time is flying!

How has your week been, are you looking forward to Easter? Got anything exciting planned?

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Nicki said…
I like you cannot wait for 4 days off! I am very excited. You all look so different in that photo! Even A looks so young!
She does, doesn't she! I strategically cut out a certain ex-fiancee, didn't think I needed to include him!
Clarissa said…
Nothing exciting planned for my easter weekend. THough I was asked to help out at this event thing for the weekend but said I couldn't. Sad...would have been heaps of fun. Instead boring lame thesis writing. My boyfriend did send me some really cool easter eggs but I will post about them on the weekend.

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