What Have I Been Reading Lately? 02.02.10

I didn't get a lot of reading done on holidays, I never do when Mr.P is around as he is not much of a reader himself.

But I did manage to finish one book, Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter and the week before that I finished You or Someone Like You by Chandler Burr, which I really enjoyed. I'll post a review of that later this week.

On Wednesday I went over to Penrith Plaza to pick up my book that had come in at Dymocks. I finished The Year if the Flood by Margaret Atwood a little while ago and ordered another one of her's, Oryx and Crake as I'd really like to read that now too.

While I was there I wandered around the shop a bit (as you do, but which is never a good idea!) and ended up grabbong three more books (one I already had on hold for me, a Lonely Planet guide). I sgtarted reading one last night, called Don't Tell Eve by Airlie Lawson. It's a new one and a Woman's Weekly stickered Great Read. I've been a bit hit and miss with their picks in the past, haven't enjoyed those that I've tried, but this one seems to be ok. It's set in the publishing industry too so it's right up my alley.

The other one I grabbed was The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. The movie version of the book recently came out, which I would like to see, but I'd rather read the book first before I see the movie, so I grabbed it. I've been meaning to read it since it first came out, it's been on my To-Read list for a while so looking forward to crossing that one off.

What have you been reading lately? Is there a book on your To-Read list that you're just dying to cross off?


Unknown said…
Sadly, I haven't read much lately. I've been in a reading rut but I'm going to venture out to the bookstore this week and try and find something to get myself back into the swing of things! I do like Margaret Atwood, maybe I'll pick up something of hers!
Vicki said…
Read The Lovely Bones before you see the movie. There are some great characters that the movie doesnt' have time to explore.

Let us know what you think of Orix and Crake. It's one I have been wanting to read.

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