A Big Day Out in Pictures (And a few words!)

L-R: M, Dr.K, Me! and Mr.P

Lily Allen

Dr.K & Me

Powderfinger Rocked!

L-R: Mr.P, our friend B who seems to pop up when you least expect him, M

And, on a related note, I got a text msg from my good friend H the day after BDO (we were both there but didn't get a chance to meet up) letting me know that during Powderfinger's performance of These Days, her boyfriend D got down on one knee and Popped THE Question!!!! How romantical hey! So happy for both of them! Congratulations guys, can't wait for the wedding!
(In case you couldn't tell, H & D are the ones who aren't so dark in the pic above!)


Karls said…
Damn! You made me soooo jealous! Missed out this year... bummer!

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