Christmas is Coming!

Don't you just love Christmas? No? Well then stop reading now!

Ok, now that we got rid of the Scrooge's I thought I would let you know what I've been doing to get ready.

I wanted to go shopping this weekend to get presents for the people left on my list, but sadly that didn't work out. Half the pressies are taken care of as I got most of my family to pick out books they wanted back in June and have been sitting on them since then, so there aren't too many I need to get.

Working for a book publisher and distributor makes it fairly easy in that there is always some book that will suit someone in my family at any given time. So they are all used to getting a book and then something extra to round it out.

The shopping trip didn't pan out due to it being Mr.P's 10-year high-school reunion, so maybe in a couple of weeks time when I have an RDO we'll get it done then. It will be a Monday so at least most kids should be at school and we won't have to worry about hordes of screaming, crying kids!

I also started wrapping some presents on Sunday, mainly coz I am sick of them kicking around and because I hate having to spend hours on Christmas Eve wrapping presents non-stop because I have left it all to the last minute. Not this year!

I've also decided that I am going to make a wreath for the front door here at work. We work in an old heritage building and I thought a cool wreath would really brighten the place up. I made one for my own front door 2 years ago when we first moved in and half started a second one, so I'm just going to finish up that one and donate it to work! I'll post pics and let you know how I go once I've finished.

And finally, I went in to Go-Lo last Friday as I needed something in my office to get me in the Christmas Spirit (and because of weekends and public holidays, I figured I could decorate my office now instead of waiting till Dec 1st!) and I found the coolest little 90cm fibre-optic tree! (That's it in the picture at the beginning of this post), So now that baby is sitting on the filing cabinet winking at me, and it all feels very Christmas-like. Now I just need some tinsel and I'm done.

How are you going with Christmas preparations? have you got all your shopping done?


Alice said…
I still haven't started shopping... :O
Mia said…
I don't know why I'm surprised that your office allows Christmas decorations. I've heard that American offices are allowing less and less since it's supposedly insensitive to other religions. I guess if they do one they're supposed to do them all. Even if nobody in the office celebrates Kwanzaa.

What's an RDO?
Mia said…
Wait a minute. Isn't Christmas in late December? According to my Australian weather calendar it's still only mid-November.
I'm not sure what it's like in other offices, but I work in a tiny office with only 6 other people, and most of us are in to Christmas to varying degrees, so no-one really cares what I do. Which is good! An RDO is a rostered day off, I worked a weekend in our warehouse so I'm entitled to a week day off in lieu as I didn't get paid for the weekend.
Mia said…
If you go in on the weekend you can take an extra day off? That's pretty good. I've never known any place that does that. When I go in on the weekend that just means I work more days.

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