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It's been a long weekend here in Sydney and it's been a pretty one nice in these parts (aside from the scorching heat!). We had a friend round last night for a few drinks and a catch-up, and on Saturday we ventured in to the city to hop on a Sydney Ferry and head out to visit Cockatoo Island.

It was my friend Kelly's birthday last month, but the lucky bitch was in the States for it, so we decided to have a little belated birthday picnic with the kids. We were originally planning on going to Shark Island but the wharf was closed for repairs, so we switched it up and went to Cockatoo Island instead.

Such a good idea.

We had such a lovely day, despite the toddler who has wholeheartedly embraced the year of two with open arms and massive tantrums. We found a nice shady spot and settled in for some rolls and fresh strawberries while the kids ran and played around us.

{I have a kid-friendly Sydney post coming up in a couple of weeks with more info on Cockatoo Island and "proper" photos for those interested}

While the whole day was fabulous, there was one thing that really stuck out for me, and that was just how much Punky has grown up. She is truly beyond the toddler stage now and she was such a dream to take out. There were a few emotional, anxious moments from her, but on the whole she was so well-behaved and just delightful to be honest.

I'm really looking forward to the day when Zee gets beyond this tantrummy-toddler stage and is just as delightful to take places because I love exploring new things and places with them. I am building a mental list of all of the places we need to visit and things to see together.

One thing is for sure, Dave and I are so lucky to have been blessed with two amazing little girls!

Have you had any perfect moments this weekend? Did you get a long weekend like us?

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