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Two week ago I was so insanely excited to find out that I had won tickets to see the musical Anything Goes from Nuffnang. I am a huge fan of musicals and my Mum, my sisters and I try to get to at least one every year. Tickets are usually a birthday present from Mum and we make a day (or night) of it by having a lovely lunch or dinner somewhere in the city.

So when I won the tickets there was only one person I was ever going to take. Mum. It was a nice bonus that the show was on the day before her birthday as well. Daughter of the Month* right here, people!

So last Wednesday I left Tafe early, grabbed the girls from daycare and headed over to Mum's place to leave the girls with my sister and pick up Mum. We headed in to the city and parked at the Opera House/Botanic Gardens car park and went in search of dinner.

We ended up going to Q Dining, the restaurant at the Pullman Quay Grand at Circular Quay. It;s a beautiful restaurant, right on the waterfront overlooking the Quay. You have stunning views of the City to the left, and the Harbour Bridge to the right. Dave and I had dinner there last year when we stayed in the city for a belated anniversary night and the food is excellent!

We only had enough time for mains, but it was good. We both had the beef fillet and Mum said it was probably the best she had ever had! Mum loves her steak well done and they cooked it perfectly for her. No pink, and not burned to charcoal either. My steak was a perfect Medium.

After dinner we walked over to the Opera House to pick up our tickets. Mum grabbed a birthday Champagne and we took in the view of the City from the Opera House forecourt. I've visited quite a few cities now but no city will ever be more beautiful than Sydney. We are so lucky to call this place home.

The show started and we were not disappointed. It was brilliant! I'd never seen Anything Goes before so it was really cool to see something new and be so entertained. The story, the music, the dancing, it was all fantastic!

Caroline O'Connor is simply outstanding, her voice, her moves, her legs! At first we didn't actually think that Todd McKenny was playing that night, but at half-time we found out which character he was playing and realised he was! He was so perfect he was almost unrecognisable until we knew which one he was. It was a real treat.

The tap-dancing and choreography was so good, you couldn't help but be mesmerised by the dancers and the way they moved. Every single actor played their role so perfectly. It really was an excellent show.

More than anything I really enjoyed getting to spend a night with Mum and having her all to myself. It's not often these days that we get to have one-on-one time, and even at 33 a girl needs that time with her Mum every now and then. It was so good to be able to take her out and show her just a small amount of the love and appreciation I have for everything she has done for me over the years.

It really was a perfect night full of lots of little perfect moments.

Do you like musical theatre and seeing shows? What's your favourite?

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