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This month for Reading Writes it's all about the series. Or trilogy. Basically any series of books that follow the stories of the same characters or events. 

I'm a big fan of the series. In many ways, this has been the Year of the Series for me, it's pretty much all I've read. I'm on to my 26th book this year (or 25 depending on whether or not you count reading the same book twice!) and barring two of those books, they have all been a part of a series or trilogy.

Only two of those series/trilogies I hadn't read before, but one of them has definitely made it on to my Top 5 list for being utterly fabulous!

So without further ado, I present to you my Top 5 Favourite Series or Trilogies...

5. Tomorrow, When the War Began Series by John Marsden

I read the first book of this series just after it came out when I was in high school and from the very first page I was hooked. It's the first series of books that I just couldn't wait to get home to read. Don't get me wrong, I would rather read than do almost anything, but there is just something about a series that has you thinking about the characters all day and leaves you longing to read more.

If for some reason you've never heard of this amazing series by Australian author John Marsden then do yourself a favour and borrow them from your local library, buy or download them. The series follows the story of Ellie, who is away on a camping trip when Australia is invaded by an un-named country. It's left to Ellie to lead her group of teenage friends through the new world they find themselves in, and it doesn't gloss over the tragedy of war or dumb it down for younger readers. This series is brilliant whether you 16 or 66.

4. The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

Starting with the first book, which is know as either Cross Stitch or Outlander, we meet Claire, travelling to post-World War II Scotland with the husband she's barely spent any time with. While holidaying Claire steps through the ancient stones on Craig na Dun and finds herself transported back in time to the 18th century. There she meets the handsome and brave Highlander Jamie, and romance, adventure and mayhem ensure.

Not your average romance novel, so far the Outlander series has 8 books with more to come (I hope), if you're a fan of either historical fiction, romantic fiction or science fiction that involves time travel, then you will love these books. They have it all!

3. The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin

If I'm really honest this trilogy actually ties for second place but simply for the fact that we are STILL waiting for the third and final book to be published (it was due last October and never materialised) it's been pushed to third place.

The Passage opens in the present day, with FBI agent Wolgast travelling the country recruiting death row inmates to become a part of a secret military weapons experiment. As with all good dystopian worlds, things don't according to plan, and the experiment to create the ultimate soldier quickly goes very, very wrong. These super-soldiers, who are in essence a type of Vampire, quickly take over the world. We then jump forward approx. 100 years to meet a colony of survivors but it's apparent pretty quick that this colony is not what it seems.

I can't stress enough how amazing the first two books in this trilogy are. I literally thought about the story day and night while I was reading it, left work early simply to read, and read it through for a second time as soon as I finished the first reading, it was that good. Do yourself a favour, get your hands on the first two books, The Passage and The Twelve and then cross your fingers that the final book will actually be released this year.

2. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you will surely have heard of the The Hunger Games trilogy and the movies they spawned. I read the first Hunger Games book on Christmas Eve Eve 2009 and I read it in one sitting. I then rushed back to the store on Christmas Eve to buy the second book, Catching Fire. It was that good. I then had an excruciatingly long wait for the third and final book to be published and I was not disappointed.

The post-apocalyptic North America that Collins creates, a country in which every year 24 children between the ages of 11 and 17 are sent in to a purpose-built arena to fight to the death, is so wonderfully vivid. Collins builds the world of Panem so convincingly, and the adventure and suspense is so well-written. It also features a much better love triangle than another teen trilogy that I won't mention.

1. The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling

Bet you didn't see that one coming. HP was always going to be at the top of this list, as it's is at the top of my favourite books of all time list. I simply LOVE the Harry Potter series. I re-read the 7 books earlier in the year, and the seventh book is the one I am re-reading as it is by far my favourite of the series. The Harry Potter Series needs no more introduction or praising from me, just do yourself a favour, if you've ever thought about giving Harry Potter and his magical world a read but haven't, for some insane reason, just do it. DO it!!!

And because I am a book freak I'm also on the reading list at Pan Macmillan to be notified about upcoming releases and have the chance to be sent advanced reading copies before the books are even published.

The lovely people at Pan Macmillan have offered readers of my blog the chance to score the first 3-part book in a new series by David Rollins, called Field of Mars. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win the first three episodes of this new book series is leave me a comment telling me what your favourite book series or trilogy is and why. I'll have Pan Macmillan choose the winner next Tuesday and be in touch by email if you're the lucky winner.

About Field of Mars...
Marcus Licinius Crassus's lust for gold and glory was legendary. What became of his army is myth. 
In Crassus the tyrant, Rufinius the soldier, Appias the historian, Mena the hag and Lucia the Golden Whore, David Rollins brings to life a mystery that has plagued historians for centuries. The only constant in this world is Mars, the god of war, and who he will favour is anyone's guess. Desperate to write himself into the pages of history, proconsul Marcus Licinius Crassus marched 40,000 Roman legionaries into the heart of the Parthian empire. More than 10,000 were never seen or heard from again.
In a story that spans empires and generations, this vanished army's fate is finally unveiled. From the streets of Rome to the deserts of ancient Iran, around the globe into the heart of an empire vaster than anything Rome ever imagined, a young Alexandrian soldier is borne on the tides of the age of empires from soldier of Rome to slave of Babylon to commander of armies.
Perfect for fans of Robert Harris and Conn Iggulden, this sweeping historical thriller takes the reader on an epic journey across ancient empires and into the unknown stories of myth and legend. You can read more about Field of Mars here at Goodreads, or find it on Amazon here. 

So tell me, what is your favourite book series or trilogy of books? I really want to know. I'm always looking for new and fabulous series/trilogies to read.

P. S. Please note that this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Also, I was not paid to mention or giveaway the Field of Mars books, I just love sharing new book finds with you.

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