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I wasn't going to write a post today because I've got a mountain of Tafe and house work to do but due to an amazing thing happening I find myself with 10 uninterrupted minutes to sit down and write. So I thought I should do the occasion justice and share a quick perfect moment.

My perfect moment is right now. Both girls are sound asleep. This is a big deal, because it's the first time in a very long time that both girls have ben asleep at the same time in the middle of the day.

Punky gave up day sleeps a long time ago and it's very rare that she will nap. But with still being a little sick, and waking up at 2am this morning crying because she wanted a sticker on her hand I think she's really needed this nap.

She told me she wanted to lie down and next thing you know I find her set-up on the floor between the lounge and the coffee table, sound asleep! It's an odd place for a nap, but there is no way I'm going to disturb her! She needs it after not getting back to sleep until 4am!

My other perfect moment for the week also involves a sleeping child. My new baby nephew, Bear.

On Saturday afternoon we left the girls with Mum so we could go over to my sister's place and introduce Dave to his nephew before he was a week old. We didn't tell the girls where we were going because I knew Punky would get upset. She has been desperate to meet Bear but because she has been sick it hasn't been able to happen yet.

Hopefully she will be well enough by the weekend to finally meet this cousin she has been waiting so long for.

While visiting on Saturday I got to have lots of cuddles with my beautiful boy. After a big feed he was all sleepy and milk drunk and my sister asked if I wanted a cuddle. As if I would ever have said no!

I placed him against my chest and breathed in his newborn smell, stroked his soft skin and reminisced about doing the exact same thing with my own babies. Without a doubt I can tell you my number one favourite thing about newborns is having them snuggled up and sleeping on your chest. There is no greater feeling in the world and I am so lucky that I got to have those same cuddles with my nephew.

So there's my perfect moments for the week. Now, I'm off to have a shower in peace before the Terrible Twosome emerge from their naps!

Have you had any perfect moments this week? Share them in comments with me if you please!

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