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Outdoor entertaining in Winter. It's not something a lot of people often think about. You could say it's not an idea that people like to 'entertain' *insert groan here*. But as someone who has a family full of winter birthdays (and I do mean full, it's easier to ask what days in June I don't have a family member with a birthday) outdoor entertaining in Winter is kinda inevitable.

Of course we like to entertain outdoors year round, but winter carries with it some special considerations. Namely, how not to be ridiculously cold! After years of huddling around our BBQ in winter the poor thing is pretty much on it's last legs, so I've been investigating new ones for Dave's birthday/Christmas present this year.

After checking out Barbeques Galore and the range of stuff they have, it got me thinking about what really works for outdoor entertaining in winter. I came away with a wish list of stuff as long as my arm, but also a few tips that I thought I could share with you lovely people today, to make outdoor winter entertaining a little more comfortable.


It usually gets dark earlier in winter compared to summer, so be prepared for this and make sure you have the requisite lighting in your entertaining area. Alternatively, you could think about starting your gathering earlier so you can catch the evening light before it gets too dark. Your lighting methods will depend on what kind of get together you are having. If it is a smaller gathering, invest in some candles or table illuminators for each area, but if you have invited a decent amount of people, look for larger lamps that cover more surface area.

Warm food

There is no better way to warm up your body than to have some nice hot food. Pair this with a variety of warm drinks (*cough*rum is very warming*cough*) and you will be set for a fantastic party. Plus, if you cook it on the BBQ you'll have the perfect spot for the men to stand and keep warm! For some reason all of the men I know treat the act of cooking a barbeque like a sacred right, so a good one is important.

Seriously, a barbeque is the one piece of outdoor furniture you must have if you love to entertain. You'll be able to cook up a storm, and the crackling of the barbeque will add to the atmosphere of the gathering. If you are in the market for a new barbeque, specialists such as Barbeques Galore can help you choose something perfect for you.

You can't go past a good old sausage sizzle in the backyard to warm the belly

Heaters can come in many forms when it comes to the outdoors. A fireplace or a firepit, if allowed, make great focal points, as well as allowing you to warm up your guests in an unconventional manner. Otherwise, get your hands on some heat lamps to warm and brighten up your backyard or wherever you like to entertain. Gas heaters are also great, as they do not require power cords, and you can move them wherever you like.


A nice throw or blanket can sometimes make all the difference on a cold night. Place them over couches or chairs, so people can use them at their own discretion. Bright colours and patterns can also visually spice up a cold winter’s afternoon or evening, and will make your guests feel right at home, no matter how cold it is.

Outdoor entertaining in winter does not have to be hard (or cold!). Every space is different, so tailor your choices to what you think will work best for your backyard or entertaining area. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for suggestions as well, and make sure you research everything thoroughly before investing in any big items.

Do you entertain regularly? Do you like to entertain during winter? Why or why not? What are your tips for outdoor entertaining in winter? Alternatively, as a guest, what would make you more comfortable at an outdoor event? 

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