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One Perfect Moment is all about those moments, big or small, that make you wish they'd last forever. Those moments you want to stop in time, when everything feels perfect, even for just a split-second. Snapshots of the mind. Moments to treasure forever.

On the weekend we went to my Aunty's 60th birthday party. Dave was working so I was flying solo with the girls. When you're going to a family party though that isn't an issue, because there are always plenty of willing relatives ready to help with the wrangling.

The minute we got there Punky was in her element. There were balloons filled with helium and as soon as she got two in her hands she was off and running. Literally!

She ran around and around, with her trusty sidekick. My cousin's best friend's little girl was also there. She is about 6 months younger than Punky and they were instant friends. They'd met once before, at my Uncle's 60th a couple of years earlier, but in that special way that kids have, they were best friends instantly.

The three girls had the best time, racing around the dance floor with balloons in tow. Once the music and dancing got started they were the queens of the night. Their stamina and dancing put many of the adults there to shame, and they were still going strong at 10:30 at night!
Silly Mummy forgot their drink bottles, but they were delighted to drink water from Mummy's "Big girl glass!". They were both guzzling water like it was going out of style due to the effort the energy they were expending running around and dancing like a couple of fiends!

I had to physically drag Punky off the dance floor at one stage to make her get in to her pyjamas before we left. I can't tell you how many times I told her we'd be leaving after this song. I'm pretty sure there were at least 10 last songs. I could see she was tired, but she was just having so much fun, I didn't want to make her stop.

Eventually though Zee was so tired she could barely sit up and so we had to end the night. By 11pm Punky was finally tired enough to agree to start saying goodbye to people and head home. There were a few tears in the car about having to leave her new "best friend" behind, but a few minutes later both girls were sound asleep.

The highlight of the night was watching the girls have so much fun. They laughed and played and entertained everyone in the room. At one point, while the speeches were happening, Zee hopped off her seat and walked on to the dance floor and loudly asked "Where's Punky? Puuuunnnnkkkkkyyy???". It was the absolute cutest thing!

I'm so blessed to have two such gorgeous, lovely, kind, caring, beautiful-souled children.

And best of all? They gave me my first sleep-in of their lives by not waking up until almost 9:30am the next morning! I must take them out dancing until midnight more often!

Do your kids like dancing and parties as much as mine do?

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Denyse Whelan said…
Wow...a sleep in! That night sounded very special. Love the pics of the 'big girl' glasses! Denyse x
Mystery Case said…
What a night. Sounds pretty fabulous.
I bet it was a fabulous night, and I envy all your family and fun events. I hope you're not too busy with TAFE etc. Sorry I've been absent recently, bitten off WAY more than I can chew ATM but I vow not to in 15/16 financial year. xx
Mumma McD said…
Wow what a cool party! I remember going to parties with my parents when I was little and it was always so much fun. Awesome you got a sleep in too!! :)
Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all & what a treat, a sleep in! Although dancing till midnight is a pretty big trade off! 3 out of 5 of our kids like to party, the other 2 make it hard to want to go partying lol.
MelGreenhalgh said…
My kids only ever want to sleep in on school days! It is always so lovely to watch our children be happy and safe. We are incredibly lucky. Mel xx
Alicia-OneMotherHen said…
It is amazing at where they get their energy from. It's awesome that they were having such a good time, it means that you had a great time too x Clever to get them in pj's before you left, have to remember that one :)
Kaz @ MeltingMoments said…
Oh yeah... Dora loves to dance, especially with an audience.. what fun!

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