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One Perfect Moment is all about those moments, big or small, that make you wish they'd last forever. Those moments you want to stop in time, when everything feels perfect, even for just a split-second. Snapshots of the mind. Moments to treasure forever.

Sunday mornings. They're just made to be lazy aren't they?

In our house, there are no special rituals or fancy breakfasts. It's just laid-back, slow-paced chilling.

The girls can watch as much TV as they want.

I have the world's biggest coffee.

There's strawberry jam on toast.

And no cleaning.

Mondays are for cleaning.

Sundays are for relaxing.

Yesterday was no different and I spent the day playing with the girls, catching up on the blog world, backing up my external hard drive and planning the shoots I need to do for Tafe this week (I have 4 to do in case you were wondering!).

I also managed to squeeze in a bit of reading time on the lounge while the girls played around me.

Fifteen whole minutes of reading and drinking my coffee, before Zee decided to launch herself off the coffee table and on to me. Thankfully I wasn't so immersed in my fictional world that I didn't realise what she was about to do, otherwise the lounge and my e-reader would have been covered in coffee!

We spent the dying hours of the afternoon at Pughs Lagoon, soaking up the glorious winter sunshine, feeding the birds and swans and ducks. The girls loved getting out of the house, having a run around, kicking the ball and just generally terrorising the poor birds! I even remembered to put the camera on Auto and hand it over to Dave so that I could get #inthepicture myself. So glad I did.

I love days like this. They're nothing particularly special, but there is just a vibe that goes with them. Even the girls pick up on it.

They're just days filled with small moments, that as a whole, form one perfect moment and set us up for the craziness of the week ahead.

Sometimes I wish every day could be like Sunday!

What are Sundays like at your place? Do you have anything special for breakfast?
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I adore Sundays they are very lazy here - as it's usually the morning I get a lie in - and hubby lets the kids do whatever which is usually TV. I'm the bad cop who makes them play and colour in! Have a great week lovely x
writeofthemiddle said…
Lovely photographs and Sundays happen to be my very favourite day of the week! :-)
Ours always stars with a sleep in, my husband often cooks us breakfast which is usually my cue to get out of bed. The kids play, fight, do whatever until about lunch time when we go for a leisurely drive. Sundays are great!
Your girls are just the cutest!! Great pics too.
Denyse Whelan said…
How adorable. These pics are sweet and I am glad you got 'in the picture'. Sundays are special. But I guess they wouldn't be as much so if it weren't for the other days of the week. Love D. PS. Is that photo for the linky coded so I can add it to my blog's home page with my other links?
Ingrid said…
You're Sunday sounds wonderfully relaxing!
Caroline Raj said…
What a perfect Sunday! Totally agree Sunday is for relaxing and enjoying time with family and Monday is for all those mundane chores - like washing! Love the photos of you and your girls. Just gorgeous!
Mystery Case said…
Sadly, it's usually the one day the whole house has no plans and we play a huge game of catch up. With study, with housework with life in general or we just wouldn't get through the week. We do however, all like to sleep in and have a leisurely brunch.
Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect said…
The pic with your girls is divine.. I woke up on Sunday to 2 football matches with my boys.. then I blogged for a couple of hours then have bubbly with a couple girlfriends...
Tonia Zemek said…
Such a beautiful post Kylie and those photos are really lovely. I love a Sunday slow down too.
Lovely post...I love your One Perfect Moment and I'm going to try harder to link up each week. Your Sundays sound lovely...ours changes...sometimes we have plans, sometimes we just go with the flow. But it's definitely a slower start than the rest of the week.

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