A Day in the Life {10 on the 10th | May 2015} | Photography

Amazingly I actually managed to complete another 10 on the 10th for the month of May. Admittedly it wasn't hard, it was Mother's Day after all so I was taking photos all day.

So I'm sharing my favourite 10 photos for the day, most of them taken at my Mum's house where we had lunch...

My Mother's Day card, made and signed by Punky herself (Zee did her best to sign her name too, as you can see from the scribble, lol!)

This girl is just so full of life, and she loves a little selfie session

Helping Grandma read her card and open her presents

Punky was not impressed that the melts Mum was given were not edible, a fact she discovered after she tried to take a bite out of one!

Checking out the new iPod speaker Grandma got. Punky had figured out how to use it before Grandma did!

The girl who made me a Mum

Having a little rest on the rocking chair after lunch

Life. It flows freely when she is around

One of Dave's signature looks

Once again the selfie queen loves seeing herself on the screen

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Mystery Case said…
Too cute, especially with trying to take a bite out of the melts, I've almost done this myself. They smell too good.
These are such beautiful photos! Looks like you had a lovely Mother's Day. Thanks for sharing:-) #TeamIBOT
Deborah said…
Beautiful images! What a lovely day!
Caroline Raj said…
These photos are so so gorgeous!!! Looks like you had a lovely mothers day with family just the way it should be with big smiles and lots of photos!
That is THE coolest card ever! I got so many cute handmade cards from my 7y0 - the cuteness was overwhelming - xx
Looks like a lovely mother's day. And you've got some beautiful photos to capture the memories. :)
EssentiallyJess said…
Beautiful Mothers Day shots Kylie! You're so clever with your photos.
Maxabella said…
What a nice day to share, Kylie. I must say, Zee's 'rest' position looks mighty uncomfy to me!! x

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