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Cleaning my house is the bane of my existence. I hate it. I’ve always hated cleaning. It’s why my Mum used to tear her hair out when I was a teenager at the state of my bedroom. Calling it a bomb site would be kind. Post-apocalyptic war zone would be closer.

Becoming an‘adult’ has not changed me. I still hate cleaning. However now that I inhabit a house with 3 other people it’s inevitable and must be done. Way more often than I would like! Still, these days I find I’m much more calm when the house is in order. It’s just finding the time to get it that way that I struggle with.

I’m at Tafe 3 days a week now, with an extra day dedicated to doing Tafe work, which leaves 3 other days for the cleaning and tidying. But using my precious leisure time to clean makes me feel so ripped off, so I had a little chat with the people at Absolute Domestics about ways I could save time cleaning and spend more time playing.

1. Clean As You Go

It's a mantra the hospitality industry lives by: "Clean as you go." And it holds true on the home front too. Tidying up as you complete tasks is one of the most efficient ways to cut down on massive clean-ups at the end of a long day or week.

That means washing up or stacking the dishwasher immediately after meals, wiping down the shower glass as you exit the bathroom, folding washing as soon as it’s dry and packing up paperwork as you finish the task at hand.

2. Share Responsibility

Whether you have a family, are a couple or live with housemates, keeping your house tidy should be the responsibility of everyone living in that space. Even small children should be encouraged to put their toys back in the box once their game has ended. Not only does this save on cleaning time, but it also encourages an appreciation for the effort and reward of having a nice home. And God knows small children need to be taught that lesson!

And if life's super busy or you'd like a few extras tended to along the way, there's also the option of having a home cleaner come in occasionally or regularly to ensure those tricky areas or last-on-the-list jobs such as the bathroom and vacuuming are dealt with. Professional cleaning agencies such as Absolute Domestics offer regular or one-off cleans so you can claw back some hard-earned rest time around the home.

3. De-Clutter

One of the best ways to sabotage a space is to have copious quantities of clutter. It's just items to clean around, find spots for and dust over. So if you're looking to cut down on your cleaning time, de-clutter your home. Keep only a few important ornaments around that really add to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Store anything else sentimental and ditch anything extraneous. You'll never see a house in a magazine overwhelmed with clutter.

Reducing your number dust collectors also gives the impression of cleanliness and means fewer things to dust and clean. De-cluttering is the number one thing on my list at the moment. I’m determined to get rid of all the crap we’ve collected. We have an entire room of it, for heaven’s sake! Getting rid of some of this stuff will also be a great way to earn a little extra cash flogging it via some of the FB buy/sell/swap groups I’m part of, and everyone loves a little extra cash!

4. A Place for Everything

Keeping your home looking clean is so much simpler if everything has a logical designated place. This might mean investing in some toy chests for the kids, a new cupboard for books and DVDs, or just a more systemised approach to how kitchenware gets put away.

I can honestly say there is nothing I hate more than coming home to a house in a constant state of CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) and I’m determined to get on top of it. Applications are now open for any of the clean freaks amongst you to come and tackle the job ;)

Are you a clean freak or do you have to work at it like me? Have you ever had a cleaner come and do it for you?


Maxabella said…
I'm half freak, half whatevs. The 'clean as you go' mantra is one that I live by. I can't stand clutter, but I can put up with a bit of general untidiness. Each night before I go to bed I 'reset' things so at least it's tidy in the morning. x
I'm like Bron, half the time I go nuts then I just let shit stay on the floor for days! x
Toni said…
We're going to go buy an Ikea expedit shelf thing to store all the toys and crap in baskets in the lounge this weekend lol. I know the room will still look like a toy shop during the day, but at least I'll be able to pack everything away in baskets at the end of the day.
Deborah said…
When I lived in Brisbane I used Absolute Domestics - over a 8(ish) year period. There was a bit of turnover but they arranged it all and I didn't have too many problems. My current place is much smaller and I'm not working so I can't afford a cleaner and really shouldn't need one. However... like the others I go through a made cleaning phase and then ignore it for a week or two. Rinse repeat.

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