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Ahhh, baby brain. How long can you keep using that excuse after having babies? I technically don't have babies anymore, but the fact that I completely forgot to write this post before it went live, well, I have no other explanation for it!

I sat down to write last night and got as far as popping in one of the links I wanted to share, and then got sidetracked by something. And then Dave was home and we were eating dinner, and then Survivor was on, and then the memory of ever having started this post just vanished from my brain. Woosh!

Oh well, no harm done, I'm here now, the girls are settled in naps and quiet time, and I actually have a few moments of peace to sit and think. Peace & quiet is a rare commodity these days, and it's going to get even rarer once I start my Diploma next week. If I'm not at Tafe I'll be out taking photos, studying, or trying to spend as much time playing with the girls as I can to make up for not seeing them all week.

I must admit I am struggling with the fact that they will be in daycare/preschool 3 days a week and then looked after either Dave or his Mum for one other day of the week. For 4 out of 5 weekdays they will be in someone else's care, and I feel nervous and guilty about it. I know they will be fine, all of their carers are wonderful, but it's hard to shake off that Mummy Guilt sometimes, even when you know you're doing the right thing.

I'm trying to view it all as short-term pain for long-term gain. By completing my Diploma this year I'm taking steps towards creating a better future for myself and my family. I hope that Punky in particular doesn't see me as simply abandoning her but working for her, and I hope she sees the example of working hard that I am trying to set for her.

She heads to school in a little over 18 months and I hope the transition from one day at Preschool to 3 will be good for her. I hope it will help her to become more confident and social, and won't do the opposite, make her anxiety around large groups of people worse. I'm sure we'll see some interesting side-effects of the girls being at care 3 days a week sooner rather than later, but I hope the effects are limited and good in the long-run.
My Mum, being attacked by her children on Easter Sunday... how she has any sanity left is beyond me!

But enough about the Mummy Guilt. In some exciting news, my Mum has started a blog. She hasn't actually posted anything yet, as I am still helping her to get it looking the way she wants and teaching her how it all works, but I can't wait to share it with you when she's ready. She's already got her first post written and ready to go and it's great. She's a total natural.

She's going to be sharing some of the short stories that my Grandmother used to write and had bound in a book for her, and also share some of our family history and tales about life as a Mother of 5 children in the 80s/90s. She has lots of stories to tell and I for one can't wait to read them. Hopefully by next Friday I'll be able to link to her blog and you can discover how awesome my Mum is for yourselves!

But for now, I bring you a few of the things I've enjoyed around the web this week, including an awesome video of the best baby secret ever that was getting shared around on FB last night, as well as some interesting posts about kids behaviour, and finally a really cool post with some awesome ideas for activities to do with 3 year olds. Enjoy!

How the hell do I discipline my kid by From the Left Field

Best Kept Baby Secret (VIDEO) via For Every Mom

Tantrums: Theirs and Mine by Handbag Mafia

15 Fun Activities for 3 year olds by Not Just Cute

Read anything awesome this week? Hit me up with the link in the comments. Would you be excited if your Mum started a blog, or nervous about the things she'd write? 

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Toni said…
I think that's the shortest post of yours I've ever read lol. Although I'm assuming from the link you're much busier with the girls.
I'm a big fan of Dr Sash, she knows what's what! It's exciting times for your family, I can't wait to read your mum's blog. I bet she's got a few tales to tell!
Haha, yes, let's just say if you schedule a post to go live later in the week, make sure you go back and finish it before the day it publishes!
She certainly does! I can't wait to read it too!
Lilly Mary said…
How exciting for your mum! Can't wait to read it - bet it will be a smash :)

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