Twelve {52 week project} | Photography

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.
{Punky} A quiet moment of contemplation, talking about the fact that this will no longer be Nana & Pop's house, and how exciting it will be visit the new one. She wasn't convinced!

{Zee} This girl loves to be outside, and she will run at every chance she gets. At first she didn't like holding hands but she's starting to come around to it now, and realises that she has more chance of exploring if she sticks with Mum or Dad rather than trying to go it alone. Me? I just like the feel of her tiny hand in mine.

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awe sweet photos! Love holding hands. Project 52
Bec @pinchmebeautiful said…
Such gorgeous little gems you have xx
Mrs W said…
I love the photo of Zee holding hands from your perspective, so precious!
Oh I love the holding hands shot! Great perspective!
shannon said…
Hi, i worked in loder house as an apprentice chef in 95/96 and the stories of mary had been told to me by the owner and head chef. At first i was like yeah what ever i dont belive in that kind of stuff. But then one night i was there late cleaning up and i was only person there. All of a sudden loud music started playing up stairs in the ballrooom it freaked me out i went up stairs to check the owner hadnt come back, and there was not a single other person there!!! I turned of the music and went back down to finish cleaning when i got half way down stairs the lights come on in ballroom and as i turned to look up the stairs at the top was a lady sort of see through standing at the top and came running at me i feel back and she was gone.... To this day i really think marys ghostly presence is in that old building.
Toni said…
Punky is going to be such a little heart breaker, shes so cute! My bub has just mastered the art of hand holding (or shes just decided she actually wants to do it now).

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