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One Perfect Moment is all about those moments, big or small, that make you wish they'd last forever. Those moments you want to stop in time, when everything feels perfect, even for just a split-second. Snapshots of the mind. Moments to treasure forever.

Goodbyes. They're always hard. Even when it's a house.

Dave's parents have sold their house. A house they've lived in for the past 20 years. And while I've only known the house for 13, it's the place where I first met Dave's family. The place where we had our first proper kiss. The place where we made plans to get married.

I lived there for a few years, before Dave and I bought a house of our own. Punky spent most of her first Christmas Day in that house. It's a house that holds so many happy, precious memories for myself, Dave and his family. The birthdays. The parties. The bonfires.

I still remember the first time I ever went inside the house. I spent the entire time, about 4 hours, standing in the dining room/kitchen area, chatting and getting to know Dave's family. We'd only been going out for a week.

Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to a place we will remember forever. We walked through the empty rooms, minds flooding with memories. The girls ran and screamed through the hallways for the last time.

We trekked around the yard, talking about that happened here. Remembering perfect and not so perfect moments.

It was hard to say goodbye. Punky understands that we won't be going there again. Zee has no idea. Dave, myself and my brother-in-law tried to soak in as much of it as we could. As we climbed in to the car to leave for the last time, it was hard to hold back the tears.

It's funny how a place I haven't lived in for almost 8 years could bring such strong emotion. Funny how saying goodbye to a home is almost as hard as saying goodbye to a loved one. Because the house, while an inanimate object, is a part of us. A part of our story that we will never forget.

I'm so glad we got to say goodbye and spend a final few moments soaking in it's beauty and it's memories.

A perfect few moments at the end of an era.

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Toni said…
I still have dreams about the first house we lived in all the time even though I haven't lived there for over 18yrs.
Mystery Case said…
After 22 moves, there are only two or three houses that I have any real attachment to from my childhood. Hubby's family on the other hand decided to knock their house down and build a new one in its place rather than sell and relocate.
I think I will feel the same when my parents eventually decide to downsize their home, which they built and moved into when I was 4 years old. Just the other day my husband and I watched a video of our first house, just before we moved into the home we now live in. It's not so much the bricks and mortar but the memories, emotions and times you shared within those walls with your loved ones that are so precious.
Bec @ Wholly Listening said…
I felt like this when we moved out of the first house Marty and I bought together - so many memories and emotions. You've captured such beautiful photos to remember your "farewell" by. I think both you and Dave, and your girls, will really appreciate having these to look back on.
Mumma McD said…
It was such an integral part of your life together, understandable that you feel so emotional :) Beautiful photos too, what lovely memories to share with the kids down the track.
Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect said…
A house can be an emotional thing. My girlfriend sold her parents house on Saturday (her father passed away a couple of moths ago & mum a couple of years ago) and she cried - we cried. But once the paperwork was signed and the house was empty, she felt nothing anymore.
Alicia-OneMotherHen said…
I still remember and have fond memories of the houses I grew up in. Those memories are forever.
I miss the house + farm that we grew up on - but sadly my parents had no choice, grr bad health x
Eva Lewis said…
I know exactly how you feel. I still dream about the house I grew up in and lived in for about 19 years, it will always be embedded in my life journey and have good and bad well as my three doggies buried there. :(
Elisha Ross said…
Cams grandmas house just sold on the weekend. I walked the halls for the last time and even though it was only for 3 years that I visited there, it is special to me. I used to visit 'kit' with the kids for morning tea nearly every week for three years. She loved our visits and the kids loved it there too. Oliver got in 2 cameos before she passed away. t was a beautiful old period home too. I think Hugh will remember too so that is even better.

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